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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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5 gleaming bikes - just

5 gleaming bikes - just waiting for the riders... bars and panniers on the Kawasaki and a topbox on the Suzuki. All top quality genuine parts. The Yamaha was a late entry – Yamaha does not have a titled entry level adventure like the rest, but it is something of a legend and we thought that it would make sense to chuck it into the mix for the blue bike fans. What was interesting was the fact that at the start of the ride, everyone kind of ignored it – but by halfway through, there was arm wrestling over who got to ride it next… Our Route: We kept it fairly simple – and if you have a free day sometime, we suggest that you follow our steps sometime. Just leave a bit earlier than we did and you can chill on the way home. Loosely – from our premises in Bredell, we cut across the farmlands on fairly good gravel – and along our favorite footpaths through to Irene. In Irene we stopped in at the garage to check tyre pressures – some of the wheels were pumped to like 3 bars… no wonder some of the bikes were skidding around in the dirt. Here’s a tip - On all bikes , tyres play a part in your suspension – Max two bars – on adventure bikes and even a bit softer for gnarlier terrain. It makes a huge difference in the way the bikes behave. From Irene, we cut across and onto the freeway towards Krugersdorp. We meandered along and took the Wild West turnoff towards Harties. Great bike route, lots of twists and turns – but that road is also still under repair – so there is a fat stop-n-go. These little bikes climbed into the drainage ditch along the side and made their way to the front of the Queue. Quick smoke break in the warm sun, swap bikes and off we went. That road takes you along Saartjies nek and into the bustling metropolis of Hartebeespoort. Riding across the dam wall is always fun – be warned however that on the weekends, that road is always mad busy. We took time to ogle the rushing water and the water hyacinths (Shame on you waterboard), said hello to the monkeys and continued. The upper deck is a firm favorite among motorcyclists – we stopped in for a burger and hot chocolate – yup, a very macho lot us guys. The food is always good and on the weekends they usually have some live music on the go. Having never been up Maanhaarrand pass from this side before, we had to ask google maps. She took us onto the Sun City freeway for 20 odd kilometres. We took the Marikana offramp left, past the Buffelspoort dam. Shortly after the dam you’ll find a gravel pass to the left, which winds its way across the mountain all the way through to Hekpoort. Also known as Breedt’s Nek, this gravel pass can be found just off the R763, near the Magaliesberg Nature Reserve. It provides a link across the Magaliesberg from the settlement of Maanhaarrand to Buffelspoort and the town of Mooinooi to the north-east. The road bears an official number (D568), and the condition ranges from poor to terrible. Expect gradients of 1:10 and deeply rutted and rocky sections. However, don’t ride this road if you’re in a hurry. It is quite a gnarly road depending on all sorts like the time of year, but it is really beautiful. This time round, it was littered with rocks and gnarly little step ups. Perfect for this test to check the little guys off-road capabilities. Our lot stoically battled through with varying degrees of new expletives we had not heard before. No crashes, quite a few saves and lots of stopping to just enjoy. It really is a beautiful place. Our tour guide took us for a little walk up the mountain to check out the old cave right at the top of the pass. Unfortunately, the cave is used by Muti mense so they have made a bit of a mess of the place… but it is worth checking out. After the cave, the road settles a bit and its interesting gravel – follow the Hekpoort signs. Stop in at the café at the bottom of the pass for a quick wetty. You’ll probably need one. The Hekpoort pass is amazing tar, fantastic views and lotsa twisties all the way up towards Krugersdorp. We turned Left at the top and back onto the R28 in peak hour traffic for the last freeway leg back to the offices. 52 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018

Some of our riders did come a bit unstuck on the pass... The cave at the top of the pass. Mandatory stop at The Top deck for a burger... R15.54 per litre eish! Total added distance on the 5 1000 KM’s. R635.00 to fill them all. You tell us that motorcycles dont make sense... DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018 5 3