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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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Day 4 – 30 kilometres

Day 4 – 30 kilometres of 100 percent dunes. “Man it exciting – an MX start off the line with all of the competitors. A 100m wide roaring wall. Straight into the dunes, where the boys were separated from the men – with apologies to Laia Sanz and the other lady racers. I saw quite few guys come short, but it’s great to get ahead of them. At this point you realise how quick the Pro’s are in the dunes… It’s phenomenal to watch – a real skill that comes with time and experience.” “I had a couple if issues, my ERTF (waypoint finder) fell off 10km’s in… thanks to the previous days damage, so I ended up losing the group of frontrunners, and once again, had to wait for someone to come past so that I could follow. You could follow tracks, but there was a race at the same place on the previous day (the desert challenge), so if you followed the wrong ones…” “What a ride and what an experience. 25th overall – not as good as I wanted, but I’ll take it considering. It made me realise that more work needed to be done before Dakar – specifically with regards to roadbook.” “I booked for a race In Portugal with the WIM academy, a 2 day rallye – and I’ll tell you all about that in next months issue…” We’ll watch Kenny’s progress, it’s going to be one heck of a journey. Undertaking the Dakar costs a lot – if you are in a position to help with some sponsorship, please get in touch. Recovering a bike... At the end - looking for any penalties on the GPS... Mr and Mrs Gilbert. Happy smile at the end... laia Sanz Toby and Pablo... Joan Pedrero 38 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018