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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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to grow the event into

to grow the event into an annual show piece that would attract riders from all over Africa to visit this part of the world, as well as enjoy some good enduro riding, with a whole lot of other entertainment for the whole family,” Berrie added. As an impromptu part of the event, riders and spectators were invited to the small village of Lepokole to visit the chief and people of the host village. “This was somewhat humbling as it was then that most of us realized, that many of these people had never seen a motorbike before, and that we were given this opportunity to bring motorcycling to them as a people of Botswana,” commented Branch. The people of Lepokole greeted us with song and dance, a testament to their appreciation of bringing tourism to their village and in essence putting Lepokole Hills on the map. The excitement could also be seen on the kids faces as they watched the younger riders participate in a demonstration with Louw, Louwrens and Ross. Quad riders showed their style in the village too, which got the crowd quite ecstatic. 32 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018

Later on in the day, the loop was opened up for riders to put what they had learnt in the morning into practice and times were taken to find out who could complete the loop fastest. Although, this event is not aimed at racing per say, but rather at bettering yourself, your time, your skill and your technique, all without the pressures and demands of national competition. It’s about bringing back the fun into the man and machine relationship. The event was also well positioned for spectators and families to not only enjoy watching the riders do their magic on the route, but to also participate in a host of activities unique to this area. The Lepokole Nature Reserve is home to ancient rock art and cultural ruins hundreds of years old. As part of the event, visitors were taken on scenic walks up the domed, rocky slopes of the Lepokole Hills and into a tree cavern which then revealed the vast wall of unique rock art. Kids were able to explore and adventure freely up the koppies tailed by a guide, whilst parents took time out to absorb the breathtaking views unique to this area of Botswana. Another treat to the event, was an interactive drumming session with Drums of Peace within the hills, where visitors acknowledged the greatness and spirituality of the Lepokole Hills and its wildlife through the African drums. The jazzed up show echoed through the hills and vibrated positive energy from all angles of the event. Guests were given the opportunity to beat a drum instructed by a member of the team, to eventually put together a master piece distinctive to the Lepokole Hills Enduro, a truly memorable initiative. To close off the event, a live music show was put on by Mandi Mashingaidze and the night ended with a jive and celebration of an event enjoyed by all. The Lepokole Hills Enduro will be held again next year on 28 February to 3 March 2019. DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018 33