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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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WHAT ARE THE NEIGHBOURS UP TO? LEPOKOLE HILLS ENDURO – BOTSWANA Set on the borders of Botswana and Zimbabwe, Muddy Face Events hosted the first of its kind in Botswana, the Lepokole Hills Enduro. The event was set in the village of Lepokole, borne of rocks and river beds galore, with campsites based within the Lepokole Nature Reserve. Focused on bringing adventure for the whole family, riders of all ages could participate, with the youngest rider was 4 years old and the oldest in his 50’s. If you were not a rider, there was definitely no shortage of activities for you either. The event was opened with a “Beat the Beat” session, where riders rode night enduro-cross, under floodlights, against the rhythm of African drummers. This was a very unique experience and quite unfamiliar to all the riders taking part. As the musicians from Drums of Peace plotted out the pace, the riders had to keep up all the while getting through the technical challenges, set out by Ross Branch, coowner of Muddy Face Events. A welcome dinner was hosted within the reserve, where riders and spectators were treated to an evening of chilled out live music. On Saturday morning championship riders, Louw Schmidt, Ross Branch and Louwrens Mahoney from the Brother, Leader Tread, KTM team took Botswana riders out into the field to train on enduro style riding. “In Botswana, enduro riding is very new and this was the first enduro event to be held here, hence our reason for bringing in a training element to the event,” said Lola Berrie, business partner to Branch. “We are still piloting the event and the plan is 30 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018