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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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The 1050 is fitted to

The 1050 is fitted to their Street triples and the dynamite road oriented Tiger – and once you’ve ridden the two bikes, you’ll understand why it is such a successful configuration. In between, of course they have the Tiger 800. The smallest, but by no means lacking 675cc is slotted into our favorite road model, the street triple RS. Then they build the modern classics around their famous liquid cooled twin cylinder engines: The engines all perform in the same manner – each with slightly different variants on gearing and speed – but it’s a good, solid donk. They are intentionally made to look like the original air cooled engines from the era of Steve McQueen on the outside – bit the internals are thoroughly modern. They might look as though they are fitted with old Bing carburetors – but that’s fuel injection with a cover. The only visual difference between the engine displacements is the neat inscription that is mounted at the base of each bikes barrel. The engines come in varying degrees of bore and tune – from the 1200 fitted to bikes like the Thruxton, Bobber , Triumph T120 and the Bonneville. It’s a great big chunk of engine that delivers smooth, strong power all the way from the bottom and propels you through very decent midrange to smile inducing high ends. Chaps – if you have never taken one for a ride it’s strongly recommended… The smaller 900cc twins are fitted to bikes like the Bonneville T100. It’s a far more chilled configuration and would quite possibly be our choice for an everyday ride. This is more a dirt oriented magazine – so we’ll focus a bit on the adventure offerings from this brand shall we? You can hear a bit about the Tigers. Boys and Girls. Pay attention, there is a test at the end. The new 1200 Triumph Tiger XCA. If you are a regular reader of this here quality publication, you’ll know that we’ve never really rated Triumph’s previous 1200 Explorer as a true adventure bike. It’s always been a bit big and heavy – and more road oriented than its smaller sibling the 800. A “nice” bike with good power that all works. Over the years they did this and that to make it better – and then last year they fitted some decent suspension that made a significant difference. But as adv bikes go, in our opinion, it was still not quite up to SA’s stringent dirty standards. Well Chaps. You need to go and sample the new one I say! It’s a real eye opener – in fact it’s like a whole new motorcycle. They nipped and tucked and shaved of a rather large chunk of poundage and have produced a big motorcycle that is now comparable with the best out there. It’s actually quite remarkable. In our opinion, this is a real contender in the big bore adventure market. It’s comfortable on the road, nimble in the dirt with great big gobs of very controllable power. A Rather civilized ride Wot! 26 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018

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