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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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Bike Updates: KTM does

Bike Updates: KTM does not just make changes in a “Willy Nilly” fashion. For the aforementioned seat cover, they took a cross section of all of the leading cover manufacturers, sent out surveys on what riders liked – and then they manufactured to their own spec. When they redesigned the plastics, they put cameras all over the test models at contact points in order to eliminate any kind of hook up… and limitation of movement. For the pipes, KTM first made them with 3d printers… and made them more compact and Oval – less bulky with the same combustion volume. It’s all really scientific. And then they get guys like Dungey and Cairolli to give feedback – endless hours of testing. A shorter connection between test riders and the R&D team… And then there are the power parts. KTM has really hooked the lifestyle side of things with their power wear – but for each of these models, Joachim Sauer, the KTM off-road product manager boasted that you can literally build a factory racer with parts purchased off the shelf from your dealer. In a nutshell - what a company. Mike was so impressed by the enthusiasm and the incredible people behind this brand. The two strokes: Some Techy Stuff. There is a test at the end. Pay attention! Shared updates: On all of the models, the I-beam design for the front and rear fenders are prime examples of an intelligent design, which guarantees maximum stability at lowest weight through a well thought-out structure and mounting. A newly shaped seat provides improved ergonomics and better seat comfort. Due to newly developed silicone strips the seat cover provides better feel and grip. The seat installs with one long bolt from left side of the frame for easier removal and installation. Chassis changes shared among the three two strokes include a new black frame with a 2-percent increase in longitudinal stiffness and a 10-percent increase in torsional stiffness. These increases in stiffness were done to improve feedback to the rider, offer more precise handling, and improve straightline stability. The bikes all have new frame guards with a structured surface, and the right frame guard also serves as a heat shield for the muffler. 16 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018

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