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Dirt and Trail July 2018 issue 2

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The Rumble

The Rumble and the Grumble: Dirtbikers – preserve your riding area. Maybe it’s because we are getting new faces on dirtbikes – or maybe it’s because people don’t actually care but there have been two or three incidents where people have cut fences, removed signboards, boxed with landowners and all that in the recent past. This affects business owners like Mamarok and Wild West… think of their welfare. Once you are gone they have to fix the balls up… and hopefully mend fences with the neighbours. Another safety heads up – Stephen Spaans runs a 4x4 club and they have, over the past couple of months, “discovered” the 3-Fences river bed at De Wildt. They have an arrangement with Patrick from the 3-Fences Shop (Menlyn) to run their vehicles in the river bed on his land - they actually pay him a tidy bit of loot per vehicle. Patrick, as you all know, is very dirt-bike friendly and does not want confrontation. Stephen is also very keen to maintain all civility between the 4x4s and the dirt bikers. • He has committed to join Moto101 so that he can post the dates and times when 4x4’s will be in the river bed during the week before their planned trip. • He asks please, and not unreasonably, that if and when you do encounter 4x4’s in the river bed that you do not blast them with sand and stones. • He also asks please, that when you have been given a heads-up about when they will be there that you ride with caution in the last sandy section before the shop. You would look really ugly as a hood ornament on a 4x4! Respect or ride areas, respect landowners don’t stuff it up. Please. That’s it have a great riding month. Mahle filters specifically for BMW Mahle is the German based OEM manufacturer for the likes of BMW and a number of other European manufacturers. The LX984-2 and LX984-5 are air filters for the R1200 BMW series of bikes. The LX984-2 has an RRP of R175 and LX984-5 has an RRP of R229. The KL145 fuel filter fits many BMW K-series, R-series models and a number of Ducati models with an RRP of R399. The KL315 fuel filter fits many BMW F and G models with an RRP of R539. Available at dealers. Lodewyk to Trax: The talented Enduro racer Lodewyk Jansen van Vuuren has joined the busy Trax KTM Family as General Manager. (012) 1110190. 10 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE JULY 2018