7 months ago

DIRT and TRAIL January 22

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HUSQVARNA FE450 TRAIL HIT THE ROAD JACK ... AND THE RACETRACK The best fun you can have with your kit on! The Husqvarna FE 450 in street trim. Some of you might not know that most Husqvarna motorcycles arrive in the crate, completely roadworthy. The reason for this is because in many countries, people use them as commuters. Also, in places like Australia, your dirtbike has to be roadworthy in order to go trail riding. At the Norden launch last month we noticed that the leader of the pack was on this FE 450. Being a formal launch and heading out onto some of the public roads in the area meant that the bikes needed to be roadworthy coz – we are all like super -responsible. With the demise of bikes like Honda’s XR650, would this make a good work tool or farm bike. If you live on a farm… A bike like this is flippen ideal – and you’ll get to the very top camps in a big hurry without even looking at the farm roads. A quick blip down the gravel road to visit the Buurman or grab supplies from the co-op would also be some of the very best fun on the market. Electric start, side stand, liquid cooling with a fan and more than enough horsepower to carry the biggest Blue Bulls farmer on the planet. All of this comes with the added bonus that you have an absolute race weapon to compete with at the farm races on the weekends. This is definitely not the old XR that your pops once owned. In suburbia, it not quite that simple… What’s it like as a day to day commuter? We went and picked it up from Husqvarna’s offices in Kyalami and pointed in the direction of the East Rand. It’s more fun than a barrel of frogs for sure! On the streets, there is not a bike or car on the market that will touch the fun factor from light to light. Chances are excellent that you’ll be fined for popping her up on the back wheel or pulling that lekker stoppie. Traffic jams? What traffic jams? Hop the curb and take a short left! That’s the very nature of a dirtbike. Short commutes from home to the office will leave you smiling from ear to ear every single day. Freeways – not so much.