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DIRT and TRAIL January 22

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The bike was fueled

The bike was fueled and pointed at the track where the guys each took in a few laps and came in scratching heads a bit. Trying to be diplomatic and looking very wise, they all commented on how great it felt, with such linear power delivery and all that until we asked why it was not revving out very much… Justin had deliberately set the bike on a softer, toned down rain mode just so that the guys could get used to the track before opening her up. As you’ll know, Yamaha was one of the first bikes with remote tuning via the app on your cell phone. Yamaha owners. Do yourself a favour and invest some time in learning how to operate the Power Tuner app. The bike comes standard with two stock base maps, even when the map light is activated. So - why not plug in a secondary map from the factory? They want you to connect through the app and dial it in. It even provides maps for you to do so. All you have to do is access them. If you’re unsure of anything, have the dealer assist you with setup when purchasing your new ride. Justin spent quite a lot of time playing with the app, and he’s actually saved quite a few maps on his phone as far as we could tell. You can literally set up your favorite map according to what track you ride at. He Bluetoothed to the bike, reset the maps – and that didn’t take long – and sent the boys out again… and the difference was actually quite amazing. Ain’t technology marvelous? Our regular MX man Mike Wessels tells us that Yamaha has improved upon the already great suspension settings. According to press releases from Blue, mid- to high-speed damping force has increased, and he reckons that the ’22 just feels better. “I came with the expectation of the 2022 model feeling the same as the previous 21 with not a whole lot of updates as most of the significant updates were done in 2020 and I must say I did notice a better ride with the suspension. Yamaha has always been known for having good suspension and I’m glad they kept with the coil spring forks, they work well and seems like they dialed the stock suspension in just right without us having to play around with the clickers. I felt comfortable straight off the bat even though I haven’t ridden in a while - and I felt safe on the bike. To be honest I couldn’t notice any difference in feeling with the lighter rear wheel on the new bike but it might give less of a gyro effect in the air if anything noticeable. The Power delivery is what impresses me the most with the bike. H

Yamaha deliver a strong motor that really pulls hard without having to go flat taps all over the place. I’m sure will aid with reliability in the long run as there is plenty power and motor doesn’t need to work that hard to be fast plus it sounds great! Overall, a great bike for my level of riding. I couldn’t ride the bike past its potential. It feels solid, quick and handles so well without major adjustments. The bike looks equally great in in the flesh and although the tank area feels wide you get used it quite quickly. The more you ride it, the more you like it. Thumbs up from me!” St John Von Willich, who does not race, but who is one of the smoothest riders that we’ve seen in a long time was also so complimentary of the new machine. Interestingly, he spends his life in the saddle of European bikes – and this was his first outing on the YZ. “Guys, I felt really at home. I need to set the bars and things to my personal preferences, but what amazes me is that by the end of lap 1, I was just so at home on the Yamaha. Very smooth through the corners – no washing up front and the track is quite slippery in a few places. Unreal handling with a broad powerband. Beautiful power everywhere! On the older bikes, I’d always notice a big geometry change between my bike and other brands – but these days, the newer bikes all feel so similar in the way that they do stuff. You can see how brands pinch ideas and tech from each other – you can hop from one brand to another and the bikes just feel right! This one is a great choice. I was very pleasantly surprised.” That’s it folks. Small updates for the new model on, what our lot says is already a great bike. R144950.00 TOURING SCREENS HAND GUARDS HUGGERS&HEADLIGHT PROTECTORS The Powerbronze range embraces bodywork, windscreens and carefully selected hardware. Each component is designed to fit the most popular retro, hyper-sports and sports/touring machines and is supplied with a fitting kit and full instructions where appropriate. TOURING SCREENS HAND GUARDS HEADLIGHT PROTECTORS & HUGGERS BMW 310 GS - KTM 390 ADVENTURE KTM 1290 ADVENTURE - TRIUMPH 900 RALLY