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DIRT and TRAIL January 22

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Ariete OEM replacement

Ariete OEM replacement grips Ariete offers the best in Italian made grips, with world class innovation, safety and comfort. The Ariete grips have an anatomical shape and structure, ensuring the best in comfort, regardless of how long the journey. Made from anti-allergy and anti-UV material you can be rest assured knowing your grips will be able to endure the elements too. The hypo-allergenic material used in the production of these grips is exclusive to ARIETE and was developed to get the following quite exceptional characteristics: • The surface is not porous • The molecular structure is dense. • It absorbs and neutralizes vibration • It is durable, and not subject to cracking • It performs superlatively in the “Grip test” Ariete BMW Replacement Grips, (sku 02624/L), are premium replacement grips that are like the BMW OEM grips and are compatible with both normal as well as heated grip models. They are 125 mm in length, have a holed diameter of 26mm and are open ended to fit in bar ends or hand guard mounts. The material is super soft Ariete BMW Replacement Grips, ( sku 01690/F/24), are suitable for older BMW models with heated grips such as the BMWs- F650 Dakar R1150GS and etc. They are 130 mm and have a holed diameter of 26mm, made from super soft material for heated controls, and NO! the kit does not include the heating element Domino A360 MX/Enduro grips Designed and developed with the specific intention to create a natural feeling texture, to define a new level of grip safety and assure the best level of comfort for the rider; the new A360 grip has surprised testers and they are sure it will do the same for you. These grips are a thermoplastic dual compound rubber grips, meaning a harder surface for better stability and durability below a softer layer for better grip and rider comfort with incorporates a new lamellar structure for a better grip and an external zone for increased stress reduction with 3 specific slots for grip wire so they don’t cut into the riders hands. This is quite a new innovative design the right hand grip has a length of 120 mm and the left hand grip is 123 mm in length with closed grip ends and they fit a handle bar diameter of 22mm and a throttle tube of 26mm. The flange diameter is 60 mm with the fully installed diameter of the grips at 29,5/31,5 mm respectively. The grip features a new raised sheeting logo which has the following functions, improve hand grip, giving a higher sense of control, improve bioclimatology by reducing sweating and helps clean the palm of the glove in extreme conditions. Another important feature of this new grip is two stress reduction zones which have been ergonomically placed in the two most highly stressed contact points at either end of the grip. These zones have been developed with a special soft texture which has been proven to significantly reduce the onset of blisters. The bas-relief A360 logo improves heat exchange by increasing air flow during use; this reduces hand temperature and subsequently reduces stress to the palm. All of these new design elements, matched with the well-established technology that Domino applies to all of its products ensures that the new A360 grip is an outstanding product for even the most demanding riders.

Adventure Sport screens by Powerbronze Powerbronze Adventure Sport Screens have a lower profile than the original part for a more “sporty look” and are made from 3mm Acrylic and fit most adventure bikes as well as some road and touring bikes. They are available in 25 colours with flame polished edges. They use the bikes original fixings and are extremely quick and easy to fit and are TUV and ABE approved. Powerbronze has over 70 years of experience producing high quality products using extensive feedback from world class riders, coupled with considerable research and analysis as well as advanced studies of ergonomics. The screens fit the original fairing with no alterations, using the original fixings. For more info or to find your nearest stockist on any of these great products give the guys a Trickbitz a call on 011 672 6599. Tork Kraft Vellies Tork Craft introduces their new traditional handmade Vellies for both male and female A full range of sizes are now available in all leading stores. The Veldskoen, an all-time classic, hand crafted the old-fashioned way, with a strong insole and sole for extra wearability in the true Vellie tradition. The Tork Craft Vellies are created by a leading shoemaker, crafted by hand for maximum quality and comfort, strong distinctive leather footwear made tough with a timeless style. Made using only full-grain, natural leathers, which are soft and naturally more flexible, ensuring better comfort, they are stronger, have a better aesthetic appearance and they last longer. Scars, veins, tick marks and neck grooves are all signs of natural leather. Vellies are still in fashion today after decades of being marketed, many have made copies, tried to look at upgrades and new designs, but the original traditional Veldskoen is still around and is well accepted and still rules and can be worn to any occasion. They have come a long way from the old outdoors, farmers, bush footwear, they are currently well accepted by all and worn everywhere by both male and females. To view all the Tork Craft Tool and Accessory options go to For more information talk to your retail outlet or contact, Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 and visit their web site, Trade enquiries welcome.