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Dirt and Trail Dec 2019

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South Africas Enduro, Adventure and MX magazine.

NATIONAL MX Pics by Zygs

NATIONAL MX Pics by Zygs Brodalka.2019 SA Motocross Nationals Finale Terra Topia.Drama Drama Drama.It was a dramatic finalround of the 2019 TRPDistributors South AfricanNational MotocrossChampionship at TerraTopia in Johannesburgover the weekend. Withmost of the 2019 championscrowned… most of them.MX1 - who’s the champ?Will it be Husqvarna’s MaddyMalan - or KTM’s Tristan Purdon?Watch this space...It was an exciting afternoon in MX1 whenHusqvarna’s Maddy Malan stormed to thefirst moto win over David Goosen, TristanPurdon, Lloyd Vercueil, Blake Gutzeit andCameron Odendal.This saw Husqvarna’s Maddy draw evenwith KTM’s Tristan Purdon with only thefinal moto left to race… talk about downthe wire!BUT: At the time of us going to press, theMX1 Championship result is still underappeal.In heat 2 of the final MX1 race, the finalgate dropped to the roll of thunderthrough the valley as Husqvarna’s MaddyMalan took the lead...He took a tumble at mid-distance to allowKTM’s Tristan Purdon through.That was when the race officials stoppedthe race, concerned about the dangers oflightning and the brewing electric storm.And it has turned into a bit of a storm allof its own…Maddy was initially declared the winnerand thus champion, as he was consideredto be leading the lap before the red flagsflew, but because Tristan was leadingwhen the race was flagged, his teamprotested the result.The day and the title has ended up in theMSA courtroom. We will keep you posted.Like any sport where championships orresults are at stake, it’s a contentious wayto win or lose.Both of these boys are champs with verybright futures ahead of them.Thanks to both of you guys for a greatseason.We hope that this issue in our premier MXclass is resolved soon…The battle for the title - MaddyMalan (57) and Tristan Purdon (41)intense battle in both MX1 Moto’sMX1 start Lloyd Vercuil (777) andTristan Purdon(41) banging bars

Chaos at the start of the MX 2 raceBig crowds at Tera TopiaTeam Husqvarna supportingMX2: KTM’s Kerim does it again!Joshua Mlimi took the opening MX2 race fromhis teammate Kerim Fitz-Gerald, AnthonyRaynard and Bradley Cox to see just ninepoints splitting Fitzgerald, Mlimi and Raynardin the title chase leading into the final moto ofthe season.Slade Smith however turned proceedings ontheir head to win the final from Raynard andFitz-Gerald after Mlimi fell out…This crowned Kerim Fitz-Gerald as the 2019 SAMX2 champion ahead of Raynard, Mlimi andCamden Mc Lellan.Red Bul KTM South Africa KerimFitz-Gerald on his way to his 10thSouth African Motocross titleMX3:Ian Topliss took the first MX3 moto win to setup a fantastic final heat with Topliss and BrettBircher tied in the championship lead andTyson Engelbrecht and Craig Kruger just onepoint apart for third.Topliss ended his championship chargewith another win in the second moto overEngelbrecht, Bircher and Kruger to take thetitle by five points in the end.Engelbrecht managed to edge Kruger to thechampionship 3rd.The hard chargingSlade Smith on hisCIT HusqvarnaMX 2 bike.Ladies:The Effervescent Kayla Raaff raced to anotherpair of Ladies MX wins to wrap her 2019SA championship up ahead of closest rivalAnthony Raynard