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Dirt and Trail Dec 2019

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South Africas Enduro, Adventure and MX magazine.

The CRF250L – now in

The CRF250L – now in Black.From R74999.00.This one from Honda WingCenturion (012) 663-8718The CRF 250L saw the first major updatefor the family in 2017. Among the changes,the factory added another 1.6 horsepowerover the previous generation, and it addedthe “Rally” to the lineup for even morecapacity for fun when potholes appear orthe tar disappears completely.The 1.6 horses did not make a massivedifference, and we doubt that you’ll beentering this one into any races – but thebike has a bit of poke that you’ll enjoy.In 2018 or so, we were treated to alaunch of the updated bikes somewheredown in the Cape where we got to ridethem through the Karoo for something like500KM’s. That was seriously good fun andI don’t think that a single bike suffered apuncture or a breakdown.Honda does build quality motorcycles.The bike is quite beefy – taller thanthe XT and it feels physically larger and abit heavier at 146 KG’s. It looks a bit moremodern than the XT - and it is faster. Wedid quite a few rolling and static drag racesand swapped the bikes between us – andproved it over and over.This is awesome for street commuting.Top speed is just on 130kph but she’ll chughappily along all day at 120.On the trails, the XL is excellent fun.The suspension is adequate, but because itis bigger and taller than the XT, it’s maybenot quite as nimble.On the up-side, however riding two-upis a bit more comfortable thanks to thelarger size.The 8 litre tank is adequate because theconsumption is negligible. ABS is a nicetouch.At a glance:These two bikes share a 250cc engine –and that’s where the similarities stop.Both bikes are excellent fun on the roador in the dirt.The Honda is a bit bigger, a bit moremodern and it is faster.The Yamaha has a 5-speed gearbox, theHonda has a sixth gear.The Honda looks more modern and it isphysically larger and heavier – and, out ofthe box, it is notably faster than the littleYamaha.To us, the Yamaha seems to be a bitmore comfortable and nimble. It holds theedge in the fun department.Both bikes are backed by giants in themotorcycle industry, so you can buy eitherof them with peace of mind in terms ofparts backup and service.Go and visit your dealer.That’s Richie VDWwithout the shirt.68 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019

TOLEDO 2.0 AIRThe Toledo 2.0 Adventure-Touringjacket has been given a significantupdate ensuring it is perfect forsummer riding and high-mileageriders who want maximumperformance but with massiveair-flow through the jacket.The polyester mesh jacket nowfeatures tough nylon overlayson the shoulder and elbows,creating a very durable jacketfor summer use. It also has aremovable waterproof liner justin case of inclement weatherwhich also can be used as anover-jacket, meaning you don’thave to refit the liner to theinside of the jacket if you’recaught out in wet weather.It has a fully adjustable rolledNeoprene collar and soft-edgedcuffs for maximum comfort andfeatures handwarmer pocketsand an outside Napoleon pocketplus adjustment points on armsand hips. A Mandarin collarkeeps the rider cool aroundthe neck.Subtle black reflective elementsgive the rider full visibility whenriding in low light conditions,giving the rider a full humanoidshape to other road users,ensuring the Rider is fullyregistered.The Toledo 2.0 Air has CELevel 1 protectors to shouldersand elbows as standard andprovision for Oxford level 1 or 2back protectors.Contact DMD on 011 792 7691 or for a dealer near you