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Dirt and Trail Dec 2019

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South Africas Enduro, Adventure and MX magazine.


WHENYOURBIKEBREAKSSo – It’s a long tale of woe – and we are pretty sure thatyou’ve all been there but one of our Four-Stroke dirtbikes just stopped the other day…Thankfully it did not lock up or make any horrible grindynoise – it just, - well, stopped.On closer inspection – we discovered – that in our haste,the ADHD rider had not checked the oil in the machineprior to the ride… and the sump was BONE dry. A greatmystery here – but anyway…As a result, the rings overheated and collapsed andthe barrel and piston was grievously injured.Much alarm and despondency… Our bikes areour work tools too and we could see nightmaresapproaching with sourcing parts, waiting formachine work and getting this lot sorted in time forthe next event.And – naturally, the thought does cross your mindabout the cost of a heart transplant like this…There is a very famous bike shop in Benoni, wellknown for supplying all sorts of engine bits. A callto the big boss procured an invitation to bring thedamaged barrel in and “Let’s have a look…”Lots of tutt-tutting and lectures about “Checkingthe oil on your own bike”, and I’m pretty surethere was even a “Bloody fool!” thrown in for goodmeasure.This left us feeling even more despondent – andthen he disappears with the offending parts into thegloomy interior of the parts shelves.You know that feeling – like a naughty kid outsidethe headmasters office?Ken re-emerged carrying a bright red box.Game services stocks an impressive rangeof bolt-on barrels and pistons for most makes,manufactured in the USA by Cylinder Works.The kit consists of a spankin new barrel, pistonrings and the gaskets – so if there is no otherdamage, you can get your bike up and runningwithout having to source individual parts – or waitfor a re-sleeve or nicasil job.And to be quite frank, the price was really keenconsidering the saving in time and the convenienceof getting the whole lot in one shot.The kits are available as standard or big bore –and we were told that after our failures, we did notqualify for anything big bore.So – right part, right price, one shot, give theseguys a call.33 YEAR’S OF SERVICEGAME Services was established in 1986 by anindividual with a deep seated passion for motorcycleracing- Ken Somerville.Since then, Ken has been at the forefrontof motorcycling in South Africa. With his keeninvolvement in Motorcross and Road Racingthroughout the years, he has developed a wealthof knowledge and experience on “how to dothings right”, from high-end suspension tuning toengine performance modifications and everythingbike-related in between.This has lead to GAME Services havingthe technical know-how to run some of SA’smost successful “Dealer Racing Teams” with animpressive list of riders and provincial and nationalchampionships under their belt.Oh – and there is an expensive lesson in all of this– please check your own motorcycle before you goriding…Game Services Benoni (011) DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019

Rider: Keegan Phillips. Pics by Tristan Hughes.Mitas Terra Force EHSuper Soft Extreme.Nitro Mousse.The other day there was a hoot at the gate and acourier rolled in. We were quite surprised whenhe disgorged a rear tyre and a Mousse onto outveranda.Then the phone rang -it was Darren Bishop fromWFO bikes.“Hey man – won’t you guys fit the rear and takeoff and tell the guys what the product is like.”Nice!In order to do the product some justice, we opted to pass the goodsalong to one of our mates Keegan Phillips who races for Arrowracing Yamaha and who is something of a hard enduro nut.He has entered Roof in the silver class in December.He is training like madman at the moment, on all of the gnarliestrocks that he can find in Gauteng. He fitted the tyres to his YammieYZ250x and went to spend the day at Wild West – red loops ofcourse.5 loops on the endurocross track and 3 red loops told himeverything that he needed to know. There has been no rain inGauteng yet, so there was no opportunity to try the tyre in the wet.Keegan says:“Uncle Glenn – the Mousse feels great – it’s a good pressure forfinding traction and I had no issues through the course of the rideand it still looks and feels perfect. When we change the rear again,I’ll see if there is anything to report, but I reckon it’s good for thenext tyre. I’ll run it for as long as we train up to The Roof and letyou know how that goes.”“I have not ridden with Mitas before. The tyre really feels excellent,one of the best that I have used in terms of hook up and grip, but asyou know, that grip means a bit less life and at the end of the ridethe tyre is about halfway done. The carcass feels good, the sidewallsare strong and I could not feel any flex or anything of the sort.”“I have included some pics of the tyre new and a various stagesthrough the day. I reckon it’s still good for another hard ride.”“If you need lots of grip for event like Roof, this is a great option– and I think that the wear is also dependant on the riders style.A hard rider who spins a lot will probably a need a tyre a day atan event like Roof. A more conservative rider who does not spinshould see 2 days of use.”“The mousse pressure feels good out of the box, I would not drill itor anything like that.”“In my opinion – a great tyre with excellent grip – and that’s whatcounts at a race like The Roof.”RRP Mousse R1750.00Terra Force EH Rear RRP: 1350.00Available at dealers nationallyDIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019 65