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Dirt and Trail Dec 2019

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South Africas Enduro, Adventure and MX magazine.

That’s Richie

That’s Richie VDWwithout the shirt.towards the bush side of things, so youneed to ride around them at speed on tar,but on the sand or on the trails they are alekker choice.For many riders – tyres like these areoverkill, but there are loads of options,and it comes down to personal choice asto how much tough stuff you are going tobe doing. You can select rubber with moreroad bias if you are going to be commuting- or only riding easy gravel roads.A beefy sump guard has been procuredfrom the Hyde outfit – it’s kinda strangethat KTM does not fit something like thisas standard tackle.Acerbis manufactures an enormousselection of long range tanks. This 12 litretank increases capacity by 33 percentover the standard which means that youcan go further. The tanks are beautifullymade and are completely unobtrusive.RAD has experimented with a side tankout back, but it starts getting costly. Withtheir current configuration, the 500 cando around 240 kilometres on a single tank.They are waiting for a 15 litre which willgive the bike even greater range – probablysimilar mileage to what you can expectfrom a big adv machine.More distance needs more comfort thanwhat the standard KTM seat offers. Thisone’s seat has gone under the knife withincreased padding - it makes the bike a bittaller – but that’s worthwhile on the ass forsure. This 500 is about the same height asKTM’s 690.Up front, RAD has fitted a very neattower that incorporates the standarddigital display, a charging port and abeefy screen. They have also fitted superbright halogen headlamps that skrik forniks… proper. The brackets for the towerare properly made and fit seamlessly.Incorporated neatly under the bars is aKTM Steering damper.62 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019

The FMF pipe is a greatoption on any bike likethis – it really brings thingsto life.Ride impressions:Here’s the beauty of thisbuild. The 500 feels andrides just like a standard500. We like to see whereour front wheels are whenwe climb hills and stuff –this tower is compact anddoes not impede your lineof sight, but it still offersdecent wind protectionon the faster roads. Youdo not notice that a longrange tank is fitted.The 500 makes suchgood power that thelonger gearing still feelsspot-on in the tighter stuff.The bike still makes plentyof torque if you like to hoika wheelie now and then.For the duration ofour ride, nothing rattled,vibrated loose or anythinguntoward. It’s a qualityconversion for sure.Too much fun to ride.Conclusions:If you own a four strokeand want to look at aconversion like this,RAD in Witkoppen road,Sandton can get it sortedfor you – or you can buy abrand new, adventurisedbike from them.Give them a call - manyoptions are 234-5007JOIN THEWINNING TEAMWP is expanding its footprint in South Africaand is looking for professional businesspartners that can bring the exciting PROCOMPONENTS range of WP to the market.Are you a suspension expert and interestedin becoming one of our WP AuthorizedCenters? Please send an enquiry to franziska.brandl@wp-suspension.comso we cantake the first step in getting you in front.WWW.WP-SUSPENSION.COM