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Dirt and Trail Dec 2019

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South Africas Enduro, Adventure and MX magazine.


THE RAD HARDADVENTURE CONVERSIONSo – you have outgrown enduro bikes (As if that’s even possible) and you arenot quite ready to enter the big adventure market, but you still want to get outinto the bush. A bike like this might be right up your alley…The “Rallye” Adventure movement is gaining traction in the South African market.Quite a few riders are moving from dirtbikes to “Adventurised”machines. Hybrids ifyou like. Over the years we have featured bikes of all shapes and sizes from allsorts of dealers and specialist bike builders. Some have been quite complicatedand “fancy”. Others have been – well, a bit home made. This is a good one…A simple, effective build that seems to be good value for money.The Base model for this bike is a 2020 KTM500. Don’t be afraid – it is an amazingly competentmotorcycle and contrary to conceptions, modern500’s are no longer rip-your-arms out, mentalmachines to ride.The approach is simple. The 500 has heaps ofpower – so RAD dropped the revs a bit with somesimple gearing. This drops the revs and increasesthe top end of the bike, which makes it a lot morepractical for riding on the road in order to get toyour trails. We hit the freeways to and from ouroffices and found that the bike is plenty fast enoughfor a quick burn – it runs happily all day at 140without revving its brains out. We saw a top speedof around 180KPH.The suspension has been set up a bit – thestandard 500 settings are set for enduro but byplaying with the clickers, the RAD team has madethe bike slightly stiffer for a heavier payload. Thebeauty of this model is that with the adjustable WPsuspension, you can set it to what you suits you.A limiting factor for road riding is the choiceof tyres . RAD has fitted a set of MOTOZKnobblies – they definitely lean more60 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019