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Dirt and Trail Dec 2019

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South Africas Enduro, Adventure and MX magazine.

Enrico says: I rode last

Enrico says: I rode last years model, soit was great to ride the new one. In myopinion, this bike is just so neutral. Itsurprised me how competent this bikefeels in all areas. They have created anexcellent balance between engine andchassis. And you could probably see howmuch fun I was having out there – it’s funto whip – and really forgiving – so you doget a bit cocky.This one is definitely the most powerfulYammies that I have ridden – I like the factthat when I had a sketchy moment or twoout there – panic rev and she came rightback to where I wanted her. If I need powerout of the turn – it’s right there – no lag,just right where you need it.The new chassis does make a bigdifference.Even when I found myself swapping –that chassis saved me a couple of times.It’s such a well-balanced bike.I have nothing to criticize; The new YZsurprised me how good it is….This is high praise from two verycompetent riders.On the day, Yamaha had quite a fewriders along to play – and the bike wasleft stock – as it came out of the box. BothMike and Enrico commented that we needto get the bike again so that they can playwith the electronics and suspension.Our guys felt that the front felt just spoton,but that they would like to set the rearup to match their weight.Watch for this in future issues.You’ll need to check this bike out foryourself. Go and check it out at yourclosest Yamaha dealer.“They have created an excellentbalance between engine and chassis.And you could probably see howmuch fun I was having out there –it’s fun to whip – and really forgiving– so you do get a bit cocky.”54 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019

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