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Dirt and Trail Dec 2019

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South Africas Enduro, Adventure and MX magazine.


CCEDITOR: ROLEY FOLEYAn 80-year-old man went to the doctorfor a check-up and the doctor wasamazed at what good shape the guywas in. The doctor asked, “To what doyou attribute your good health?”The old-timer said, “I’m a biker and that’swhy I’m in such good shape.I’m up well before daylight on Sundaysand out sliding around corners,“shooting” sand washes and ridingup and down the steepest, wildestmountains I can fi nd at the crack ofdawn.”The doctor said, “Well, I’m sure thathelps, but there’s got to be more to it.How old was your dad when he died?”The old biker said, “Who said my dad’sdead?”The doctor said, “You mean you’re 80years old and your dad’s still alive? Howold is he?”The old biker said, “He’s 99 years oldand, in fact, he went riding with me thisSunday, and that’s why he’s still alive...he’s a biker too.”The doctor said, “Well, that’s great, butI’m sure there’s more to it. How aboutyour dad’s dad? How old was he whenhe died?”The old biker said, “Who said mygrandpa’s dead?”The doctor said, “You mean you’re 80years old and your grandfather’s stillliving! How old is he?”The old biker replied, “He’s 117 yearsold.”The doctor was getting frustrated at thispoint and said, “I guess he went ridingwith you this Sunday too?”The old-timer said, “No... Grandpacouldn’t go this week because he gotmarried.”The Doctor said in amazement, “Gotmarried!! Good Lord!!! Why would a117-year-old guy want to get married?”To this old biker smiled and answered,“Who said he wanted to?”Have a very Merry Christmas everyone -see you out on the trails!Big thanks to Emerson Haupt for theawesome cover shot.CONTENTS: DECEMBER 2019THE TEAM:EDITOR:Glenn Hendleybestbikemagazines@yahoo.com071 684 4546ACCOUNTS & no (011) 979-5035(011) 979-0053CONTRIBUTORS:Kurt BeineZygmund BrodalkaTristan FoleyMike WesselsJaun DelportShado AlstonP32: COVER: KERIM FITZ-GERALD MX2 CHAMP 38: SA TEST: MOTO GUZZI V85TT46: FEATURE: RYAN VILLOPOTTO IN SA 50: SA TEST: 2020 YAMAHA YZ450FTO SUBSCRIBECALL 011 979 5035 OR or hard copy.60: FEATURE: RAD MOTO’S ADV BIKE 70: SA RACING: MX & OFFROAD ROUND-UP2 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019VA and Gasket SetsCranks, Conrods and CamshaftsCylinder Kits, Rebores, Main Bearings and Clutch PlatesVALVES,STEM SEALS AND 4 Fifth avenueNorthmeadBenoni011 425 1081/4