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Dirt and Trail Dec 2019

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South Africas Enduro, Adventure and MX magazine.

FOX Airspace II

FOX Airspace II PrixMotocross GogglesFrom R789.00Vue MXFOX Vue MotocrossGoggles from R1699.00Ken Roczen was Fox #1 developeron the VUE® goggle. After countlesshours of research, development, andtesting, they brought his vision to life.Peripheral sight was a priority, so theyworked closely with Ken to ensurethe widest field of view possible. Thegoggle sits closer to the rider’s face,reducing distractions from the sideof the frame as well as fitting deeperinside the helmet.Your vision is only as good as whatyou’re looking through, so theyequipped the Vue with an injectionmolded polycarbonate lens. This precurvedlens provides optical clarityand gives an increased level of impactresistance to guard you against roostand other debris.The Vue goggle presents an innovativesolution to removing the lens. Thisnew technology uses a turn-to-releasesystem to remove the outrigger soyou can easily swap lenses. It letsyou quickly adapt to changing lightconditions and makes cleaning abreeze.For the best fit possible, the framehas a dual-compound construction: asoft TPU faceplate which comfortablymolds to your face, and a durable ABS/nylon outer frame. Finally, to eliminateany distractions, a 40mm strap witha silicone backing locks the gogglesin place, ample venting preventsoverheating, and a 3-layer foam keepssweat out of your eyes.Airspace II MXFeatures:• All new design offers s view port forperipheral vision via enlarged outerframe and improved frame angleInjected PC lens provides optical clarityand protects against roost impact• VLS (Variable Lens System)design allows transfer of standard andinjection molded lens’ in the sameframe• Outrigger design creates a securefit to keep dust and debris out of theviewport• Triple-layer face foam with fleece linerprovides superior sweat absorption• Lexan® Lens offers excellent UVProtection• 8-Pin Lens Retention System keepslens securely attached to the frame• 45MM non-slip silicone strapimproves grip on helmet• 3-Post tear-off system ready (notincluded)• Microfiber goggle bag included• Clear Lexan® LensMain 2 TrailMain2 goggle From R399DUAL-PANED GOGGLES DESIGNED FOR TRAIL RIDING.New for 2020 is the Variable Lens System (VLS). VLS makesyour goggles compatible with both standard lenses (stock) andinjection moldedlenses (sold separately) within the same frame.With an expansive viewport, triple-layer foam and tear-off lensfunctionality, they are a heavy hitter and light on the wallet.Available at dealers...30 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019

K1600 Bagger, 20185 900kmR259 900R 1250 GS Adventure, 20194700km, Loads of extrasR280 000GS 120054 400km, choice of twoFrom R159 900GS 1200, 201563 000kmFrom R133 999HP 850 GS, 20198 000km, tall screen, bashplate, choiceof twoFrom R159 900R 1250 GS HP, 2019 Demo2 500km, Akro slipon, Navigator, top boxR269 000GS ADVENTURE, 201447 000kmR159 000C 400 X, 2019 Demo3 500kmR109 000R 1200 GS Adv, 201618 500kmR185 000R 1250 GS Exclusive, 20197 000km, top box, rally seat, dark screenR259 000R nine T, 20175 500km, Loads of extrasR135 000R 1250 RT Exclusive, 2020Brand new and in stockP.O.AR 1250 RS, 2020Brand new and in stockP.O.A