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Dirt and Trail Dec 2019

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South Africas Enduro, Adventure and MX magazine.

Autocycle Centre

Autocycle Centre todistribute some newproduct ranges andRegina Chains turns100 years old…2019 is 100th birthday of the premium motorcyclechain brand “REGINA”.ONE HUNDRED YEARS!!! And more championshipsto their name than most of us can count and with theaccolade of being the chain of choice for many MotoGP, SBK, MX GP and Supercross riders. That meansthat they doing something right!Autocycle also introduced their new range oftools called ‘AmPro’, an abbreviation for “I Am aProfessional”. The tools seem to be high quality andwell-priced to boot. They also run some interestinginnovations like 90 teeth on their ratchets instead of72 teeth. Why does this make sense you may ask?Well, working in a tight, say between the frame andthe engine trying to loosen your exhaust headeryou sometimes have minimal movement and can’talways get the ratchet to click onto the next tooth.They also have a fancy socket that grips on roundedoff bolts that usually require a hammer and chisel toloosen; looking at our knuckles, we kinda want thesein a bad way…They also have a new relationship and distributionagreement with the “F61” brand of motorcycle careproducts. A proudly South African brand completelydeveloped here in good old R.S. of A. They haveall the prerequisite ISO accreditations, are biodegradableand, they tell us, sensibly priced. Thebrand sports everything from chain cleaners, chainwaxes, filter oil and detergents, engine cleaners,visor demisters to brake disc cleaners, compressionstabiliser, carb cleaners and so much more.For more info on all these great products chat to yournearest dealer.14 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE DECEMBER 2019