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Dirt and Trail April 2021

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Shimwells News The

Shimwells News The bulletproof YZ has changed very little since 2003, And Yamaha’s philosophy seems to be being ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. The multiple championship winning bike still has a legendary chassis and suspension and a motor that just keeps going and going and only required an electric start to remain relevant. Whether you buy the kit and fit it yourself, (yes, it does seem that simple), or take it into Shimwells to be fitted the price remains the same. Our advice: Take it into them and get them to fit it. Standard Fly Wheel and Weighted Fly Wheel (Optional) YAMAHA YZ250 & YZ250x It is a fact that many brands have lost out on sales due to the fact that their bikes do not have that magic happy button. And, to be frank, it often astonishes us that manufacturers still exclude that magic button from their arsenal. The guys at Shimwells on the East Rand import and fit happy buttoms for the Yamaha YZ lineup. They showed us their YZ250 2-stroke, complete with an electric starter, that actually works properly, is not as big as tool box on wheels, and does not weigh a ton or break the bank. Sounds like motorcycling Nirvana for the bLU cRU brigade... Electric start Happy buttons make us happy and now Yamaha fans can be happy too! Zac and the lads at Shimwells Yamaha in Boksburg import a plug and play kit fromm Panthera Motorsport in Canada that fits all YZ250 twostrokes from 2003 to 2021. They can sell you a brand new 2021 YZ250X with the e-start fitted for a mere R135,000.00 incl. VAT, and for a few bucks extra they can also fit you an electric fan or a light kit if you so desire. This kit includes: · Stator with lighting current flywheel(charging system). · Electric starter. · All the gears · Gaskets and hardware · Aluminium cover · Battery box · Harness · Relay · Current rectifier · Push button · Carbon fibre guard You will need to add a lithium ion battery to the price and a weighted starter flange, basically replacing the weighted fly wheel for more bottom end torque if you like. The total weight this whole lot will add to your bike is around 2 and a ½ kg’s, which is very little for not having to kick yourself into abject exhaustion in the rocks or on the side of a mountain. Give Zac a call at Shimwells on 011 362 2182 to book your YZ250 2 stroke in to have an electric start fitted to it as soon as possible. ELECTRIC STARTER KITS FITS YZ 250 MODELS 2003 - 2021 NO MORE KICKING INSTALLED R29 950INCL VAT Then, if you have a 2003 or onwards YZ250 in the garage and would dearly love an electric start two stroke bike but don’t have R150k plus for a new bike, you can take your bike into Shimwells and have the e-start kit fitted for just on R29,500.00 incl. 2021 YX250X WITH ELECTRIC STARTER R135 000 / 011 362 2182