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Dirt and Trail April 2021

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REAL-LIFE ADVENTURE on a Harley? Harley Davidson launches into the adventure market So, a 150 horse power big V-twin, liquid cooled power plant is not a new innovation in the world of adventure motorcycles. However! Harley Davidson building an adventure bike does require a bit of mulling over. We here at Dirt & Trail/Ridefast magazines are not hopeful about getting a demo model to give a proper ride review as the importers of the American brands never seem to have a media demo fleet. So, all we can do is watch their videos with their professional riders, read the media releases and speculate. Judging by the looks, which are controversial at best and watching the videos it does seem to be a bit of a cumbersome soft roader. The official video on shows a small alloy wheel shod bike touring dirt highways, riding hard pack desert terrain with a couple of bumps here and there and then riding in the usual H.O.G. pack on tarred mountain roads. Tipping the scales at just under 230kg’s, sticks it in at around 12 to 15 kg’s heavier than the KTM 1290 and about 20kg’s lighter than the BMW 1250 GS, so the weight seems to be within acceptable parameters, but we can’t comment on the distribution of the weight and how it affects the handling in various riding conditions. Balancing on 47mm inverted forks with compression, rebound and preload adjustability up front and a linkage mounted, piggy back mono-shock out back with similar adjustments to the front forks it boasts around about 210 to 211mm ground clearance, similar to the Beemer and about 40mm less than the KTM. So they do seem to have gotten their dimensions within range of the two most popular selling super adventure bikes out there.