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Dirt and Trail April 2021

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2021 KTM1290SUPER ADVENTURE S The Super Adventure S: The 1290 Super Adventure S, KTM’s more street-oriented ADV-tourer, has been updated for 2021 with tighter steering geometry, updated semi-active WP suspension, radar-based adaptive cruise control, a new 7-inch TFT display, and more. This is a bike built for gobbling the twisties in total comfort – a real street tourer with great gravel capabilities. Updates include a shorter frame and longer swingarm, with the 1,301cc LC8 V-twin rotated forward 2 degrees and the rake/trail tightened from 26 degrees/4.7 inches to 24.7 degrees/4.3 inches for sharper handling without sacrificing stability. While power output remains unchanged (KTM claims 160 hp at 8,750 rpm and 103.3 pound-feet of torque at 6,750 rpm), the high-strung twin is now lighter thanks to thinner engine cases and a redesigned oil system. A revised Pankl gear mechanism improves feel and performance from the optional Quickshifter+, and new radiators direct heat away from the rider. The current Super Adventure S already boasts thousands of rider aids, but the 2021 model throws down with adaptive cruise control, a first for KTM. This radar-based system, developed with Bosch, automatically maintains spacing from vehicles ahead and can be adjusted in five levels from, they say Very Short to Very Long. With 160 hp (claimed) on tap and an optional Rally riding mode that unleashes all the twins fury, , the 1290 Super Adventure S gets as exciting as you want it. The semi-active WP suspension gets an updated Suspension Control Unit that magnetically adjusts damping in real time and offers more rear preload adjustability than before. A new six-axis Bosch IMU is the brains behind the MSC (stability control), cornering ABS, and MTC (traction control). There are four standard ride modes: Rain, Street, Sport, and Offroad, with a Rally mode offered as an option. The rider controls the Austrian tech via redesigned switch gear with programmable favorites, all viewable on a new 7-inch color TFT display that is Bluetooth compatible and ready for KTM’s My Ride app. Redesigned bodywork wraps up all this good stuff in a black-and-orange package. Three fuel tanks are utilized—a small tank up top and two larger tanks on the sides—employing the same centralized-mass principle of the 790 Adventure R. The windscreen adjusts over a 2.2-inch range with either hand. The new shorter seat height is adjustable from 33.4 to 34.2 inches. Europe’s 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S will be available as a base model with three factory packages. The Rally Pack features the Rally riding mode with associated MTC setting and adjustable throttle response. The Suspension Pro features individual damping for the fork and shock, automatic preload adjustment with three settings, and an On/Off Anti-Dive. The Tech Pack gives you all that and a bag of chips: all of the above plus Motor Slip Regulation, Hill Hold Control, Quickshifter+, and an adaptive brake light…