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The Kawasaki KX250

The Kawasaki KX250 returns for 2021 with a list of enhancements. The 2021 model builds on the engine changes from the previous year to deliver even more power and make it the most powerful KX250 to date. In addition to its high revving engine, it now features new electric start, new Belleville washer spring hydraulic clutch, and a new slim aluminum perimeter frame that improves handling to enable quicker lap times. Despite the 2020 KX250 already benefitting from a significant power increase thanks to its adoption of finger-follower valve actuation, the engine of the 2021 KX250 has received additional changes to raise peak power even further and enable an even higher rev limit, while significantly increasing low-mid range performance. “The KX250 motorcycle is instilled with a high level of technology and KX DNA. Its power, handling and adjustability personalize the feel of the motorcycle and provide higher confidence for motocross riding at all levels” says Kawasaki. The powerful engine of the KX250 features upgrades to both the top and bottom end for increased power, improved brakes offer more control when harnessing the power of the stronger engine, and an updated KX450-style frame and fine-tuned suspension settings to create “the ultimate performance” package. Utilizing the finger-follower valve actuation – a valve train designed by Kawasaki’s World Superbike engineers – helps achieve a high rev limit and allows for the use of more aggressive cam profiles, which contributes to high rpm performance. A diamond-like carbon coating on the finger followers helps protect against wear. Complementing the aggressive cams are large-diameter intake and exhaust valves with high lift, which flow more air and contribute to strong power. The processing for the intake and exhaust ports has been revised with a new, larger-diameter angle that contributes to increased performance. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 2021 KX250 • New More powerful engine • New Electric start • New Belleville washer hydraulic clutch • New Lightweight aluminum perimeter frame • New Fine-tuned raceready suspension and brake components • New Slim, ergonomic bodywork ENGINE • New engine with increased peak power • New processing for intake and exhaust ports • New exhaust cam timing • New stiffer valve springs • New combustion chamber design and flatter piston crown • New longer connecting rod • New lighter crankshaft design • New revised pressure balance inside the crankcase • New Belleville washer spring hydraulic clutch • New electric start via the push of a button • New lightweight, compact Li-ion battery Tuned to best suit raceexperienced riders, the 249cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine focuses on more top-end revs thanks to improvements gleaned through Kawasaki’s factory racing efforts… Here soon. 44 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020 45