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NASIOL - Nano Technology

NASIOL - Nano Technology for you bike, lid and kit We came across some really cool products recently and decided to try a few of them out. They are various forms of surface protection based on nano technology and just that fact intrigued us. The first product that grabbed our attention is the NASIOL GoGlide which is a product that can be applied to goggles, visors and even your favourite pair of sunshades and etc. to keep your vision absolutely clear while riding. GoGlide should significantly extend the life of your goggle lenses, helmet visors and even your sun shades and spectacles as it adheres to the surface and protects it from the abrasive nature of cleaning off bugs, dust, mud and etc … We have only just applied the product, so we will report back in a few months. Next up, we tried the NASIOL GlasShield nano rain repellent on our windshields. We haven’t had much rain lately but did try simulate rain with a hose pipe and it does seem to work. The label on the box says that one application should last at least 2 years or 45,000km’s of driving. So, what does it do? Well, its stops moisture, rain and etc sticking to your windshield allowing the airflow over your windshield to disperse most of the water without having to use the wipers, even in a serious downpour apparently. We will wait for the rainy season to test it properly and report back. And our finally we tried the NASIOL BugFilm temporary liquid film treatment .It is a temporary plastic based film that protects your vehicle or motorcycle from bug stains and minor stone chips during long trips. Now, this is very interesting to us, especially with demo bikes. Very often we will do longish trips on the bikes and inevitably end up murdering millions of bugs on the front of the fairings, mirrors and etc. And after a day out on the bike they dry and almost fuse into the shiny new paintwork making it almost impossible to clean the bike properly without scratching the paint. Meaning more often than not we generally hand the test bikes back still quite dirty from the ride in fear of scratching the paintwork while trying to clean it, so I think this product is going to get a good work out with us. We will be putting these products through their paces in the next few weeks and will report back. For more info and plenty of other interesting products surf the net to or give the local guys a shout on 079 878 4487, (Jenny) or 084 267 2422, (Hennie) or drop Jenny a line on Dealer inquiries are also welcome on the same contact details. Nice bunch of people with great products, give them a call. BMW Motorrad South Africa’s new boss is introduced and reveals a new bike Recently, at the local media launch of the new BMW R900R & XR as well as the all new S1000XR we were introduced to the new General Manager of BMW South Africa, Penny Sterley. Unfortunately we did not get to chat to her t a lot, but will rectify that pretty soon, all we can tell you is that Penny brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge from the motor industry that will stand her in very good stead in her new position. We wish her all success and R18 - the brand new bike in BMW’s range Penny Sterley is the new General Manager at BMW Motorad South Africa look forward to her doing great things with Motorrad South Africa. Her first official bit of business was the unveiling of a completely new bike in BMW’s range, the R18 Cruiser styled bike. A beautiful retro looking BMW with designs and colour schemes harking back to the 1940’s and 50’s with a lot of very nice details and a bunch of new innovations all wrapped up in the usual BMW technology and quality. Sadly, we weren’t allowed to ride it so we can’t say too much more about it other than we are looking forward to getting our butts into the saddle soon. 24 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE AUGUST 2020