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Dirt & Trail APRIL 22

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The Garth Taylor loved

The Garth Taylor loved the upgrades Mercia Jansen from Motul couldn’t stop smiling on this bike. For 2022, Triumph had to build the bike to meet the stringent new emission laws. When a manufacturer has to do this, we always worry that the bike might lose some of its character or performance and we are constantly surprised. Bikes just get better and better and this one is certainly no exception. Triumph used EURO 5 as a challenge and refined their Bonneville lineup without losing performance. The high exhaust systems get new silencers and catalytic converters, with the cats now behind the rider’s leg to reduce heat. There’s also a secondary air injection system for a cleaner burn. These changes add a bit of weight to the bike. The Parallel Twin, 8-Valve, Liquid-cooled, SOHC, 1200cc engine loses one horsepower at the peak, though the maximum output comes in 250 rpm sooner. Maximum torque is unchanged, but you need to rev up an additional 50 rpm to 3,950 RPM to hit 110Nm. Guess what? It still feels great! Tech: It’s got heaps of tech, each of the rider modes, (Sport, Street, Rain, Off-Road, and Rider), alter the bike’s throttle response as well as the level of intervention from the ABS and traction control systems. The XE model also includes an Off-Road Pro mode, which allows the rider to completely disable ABS. On the XC version, ABS can only be turned off at the rear wheel. Both models have electronic cruise control. It even has an app which allows for turn-byturn directions via Google Maps, displayed on the TFT dash a very handy feature when you need google maps but need to keep your phone safe and dry in your pocket, we like it a lot. Up front, Showa inverted forks takes care of the front 21 inch front wheel. The Rear suspension is fully adjustable by Ohlins, with lots of ground clearance and damping for all kinds of riding to keep the tubeless 18 inch rear happy. Stoppers are by Brembo.

All really high end stuff and as a package it is quite simply brilliant. This is a bike that you need to ride in order to understand. On the streets it’s brash, big and in-your-face. In the dirt its nothing like Triumphs more traditional adventure offerings. In fact, the same description as the street can apply. It’s one of those bikes where we guarantee you’ll get into trouble because you’ll forget that it’s a big ass 1200 and not a 450 dirt bike. Gravel roads are easy with heaps of power and lots of controllability. It loves more technical terrain, we took it to our local enduro track, but you need to remember that it is a 1200 after all so lots of body english is required. It’s better than most riders in the dirt. On the long roads, she gets up to speed really quickly, but, if you are going to do distance, we’d suggest the little screen that Triumph makes, it helps a lot. Standard, there is no protection from the elements aside from some handguards and heated grips. So what’s not to like? Its engine makes more torque than most of the traditional adv bikes out there. It has some of the best suspension on the market. The Brembo Brakes are excellent. It’s got true crossspoked wheels that don’t require tubes. It’s got an amazing electronics package. At 229KG’s, it’s lighter than most of the traditional big bore ADV bikes on the market. On the down side, for long distance travel, you’ll want a bigger screen and the small tank would become a niggle. If you load a passenger… well we wouldn’t, this would be selfish helmet time and luggage could be a challenge. But flip, we’d have one in our garage in a heartbeat. Ride a Triumph 1200 Scrambler and you will very soon understand why they are so popular. The chassis and suspension work so well in unison over any terrain, be it tearing up the country side or carving up a mountain pass. The huge torque makes it huge fun coming out of corners on your back wheel. And if the bends are close enough you will give more traditional road bikes a big surprise as you dive under them into the twisty and powering out the other side away from them on monumental torque which is delivered so smoothly as not to widen your eyes and clamp your sphincter on to the seat, along with the brakes, suspension and electronics package inspiring all sorts of confidence. Go and ride it yourself. You’ll understand. ST602 TANKLOCK BAG R2,360 TANKLOCK TANK BAG, 4 LTR – SPORT-T RANGE, FULLY EQUIPPED FOR THE COMMUTOR AND ADVENTURE TOURER. COMES COMPLETE WITH SUNGLASSES HOLDER, RAIN COVER, SMARTPHONE HOLDER WITH VIEWING OPTIONS, CARGO NET STORAGE POCKET AND AN EXTERNAL, DETACHABLE CARD/TOKEN POCKET. EA123 TANKLOCK BAG R1,250 “MINI” TANKLOCK BAG, 5 LTR. FEATURES: • REFLECTIVE INSERTS FOR IMPROVED VISIBILITY • RAIN COVER • SHOULDER STRAP • HANDLE FOR EASY TRANSPORTATION FIT YOUR EA109B LEG WALLET R445 THANKS TO THE DETACHABLE WAIST STRAP, IT CAN BE ATTACHED DIRECTLY TO A BELT/BELT LOOP. COMPLETE WITH AN INNER AND FRONT POCKET. BIKE VISIT WWW.GIVI.IT TO FIND YOUR BIKE! EA113 LEG WALLET – XL R775 FEATURES: • ADJUSTABLE STRAP AT THE WAIST • ADJUSTABLE STRAP AT THE THIGH • MAIN COMPARTMENT WITH INNER MESH POCKET • FRONT POCKET WITH MOBILE PHONE POCKET • LOOP FOR TROUSER BELT ST611 TANKLOCK BAG R2,400 TANK BAG TANKLOCK, 6 LT FEATURES: • RAIN COVER • COMPATIBLE PULLER FOR ATTACHING A SECURITY PADLOCK (NOT INCLUDED) • WINDOW WITH NEOPRENE POCKET TO HOUSE 6.9 INCH SMARTPHONES • CABLE EXIT PORT COMPATIBLE WITH THE GIVI POWER HUB CHARGING SYSTEM • ERGONOMIC CARRYING HANDLE • SHOULDER STRAP FOR CARRYING • REFLECTIVE MOTIF PRINTS FOR GREATER VISIBILITY EA101B SMALL EXPANDABLE SADDLE BAGS R2,500 PAIR OF SMALL EXPANDABLE SADDLE BAGS 30 LTR – EASY-T RANGE. SYSTEM OF RAPID LOCK WITH BELTS WITH HOOK AND LOOP FASTENER AND SAFETY CENTRAL BELT. AS STANDARD IT COMES WITH A RAIN COVER, A SHOULDER STRAP AND 2 ELASTIC BUNGEES WITH HOOKS. REINFORCEMENTS IN RIGID PLASTIC FOR EXTRA SUPPORT. GIVI PRODUCTS ARE IMPORTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY DANIEL MULDER DISTRIBUTORS. CALL 011 792 7691 OR VISIT WWW.DMD.CO.ZA TO FIND YOUR NEAREST AUTHORISED GIVI DEALER. PRICES ARE AT RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE INCLUDING VAT. E&OE.