4 months ago

Dirt & Trail APRIL 22

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Yamaha’s ‘22 YZ250FX The guys from Linex Lynwood offered us a spin on Yamaha’s latest rendition of the YZ250FX. We dragged it along to the Avondzon (Old Mamarok) Track for a spin. This has always been a great bike – for ’22 it’s perhaps, even better… We’ve owned four of these bikes through the years and currently, along with a few bikes from other brands, you’ll find a 2019 and a 2016 model parked in our garage. The 2016 belonged to a hard endure guy who emigrated, so a bit of setup work has been done on the suspension. Over hundreds of kilometres of trails, the FX has proved that it’s a reliable, fun bike to ride, great for faster off-road terrain and, with the correct mapping changes, you can tune it to be incredibly capable in the rocks and stuff. Our lot are not Hard Enduro buffs, but we do like fast flowing trails with the occasional pile of rocks and stuff – and for us, the FX has always offered a great blend of power for that kind of riding. In 2020, they updated the bike and gave it more hit, but we felt, that out of the box, perhaps they had gone too far towards the realms of MX. That bike was, perhaps a bit too much for the kinds ofd riding we like… For 2022, the FX has recieved big updates – not just BNG, which we like anyway (Bold new graphics), and we reckon that the bike is back to its winning formula – a fun bike, light, fast, powerful and easy to ride.