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Dirt & Trail APRIL 22

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Honda Wing SA launches

Honda Wing SA launches 2022 teams With all the pandemic protocols being relaxed quite a bit everybody is dusting off their kit and bikes and heading back to the race events with much gusto and Riaan Fourie and Honda Wing SA is no exception. They have a whole stable of great riders in the mix with a some top notch sponsors on board. By far the biggest team is ‘Sleepover Motel CIT Tork Craft Honda Off Road Team’ with no less than 9 riders in the pack that will be competing mainly in the GXCC. The riders are Gareth Cole, Haydn Cole, Danel Delport, Wynand Delport, Wade Blaauw, Leah Heygate, Gerhard Vorster, Theresa Grobler and Liam Scheepers. Then there is the Biker’s Warehouse Honda GXCC Race Team with riders Bruce Viljoen and JP de Beer who will be competing in GXCC and Inland Motocross. MCA Motus Honda Wing Klerksdorp with riders Beau Levey and Travis Levey also competing in the GXCC. By our count that is thirteen riders on Honda for 2022, an absolutely sterling initiative from Riaan and all the folk at Honda Wing SA. We wish them all the best for 2022.

RIDE THE WORLD 2022 AFRICA TWIN 2021 NC750X/D 2021 NC750X/DCT Apple CarPlay AND ANDROID AUTO Apple CarPlay* seamlessly integrates your compatible iPhone®* into your new Africa Twin, and Android Auto does the same for your Android phone. That means you can use your devices to access maps, music, and other services easily. You’ll have access to weather, playlists and telephone numbers while aboard. Available Bluetooth®**-enabled wireless headsets let you communicate more easily than ever. And best of all, with more apps available every day, your bike’s technology and convenience remain on the cutting edge. THE NEW NC750X: DO IT ALL, AND BETTER THAN EVER. TALL HANDLEBAR Fitting a tall handlebar helps open up the cockpit, and works in concert with Specialization may be fine for something like golf clubs, but we think great motorcycles should the seat and windscreen to give you a be able to do it all. Case in point: The 2021 Honda NC750X. This is a bike is for motorcyclists who more comfortable rider’s triangle for appreciate both versatility and virtuosity in their adventure machines. This year, we’ve given this those long days in the saddle. model some big improvements. More power. A larger integrated storage area. Lighter weight, and a lower seat height. Plus some huge technologic upgrades like throttle by wire, selectable riding modes, new instruments, a new frame, upgraded bodywork, and standard ABS. At its heart, the twin-cylinder engine produces a broad torque curve as well, making it a joy to ride. And you can choose from two transmissions: a conventional manual-clutch six-speed, or Honda’s revolutionary automatic DCT. Either way, this latest NC750X is going to be the perfect one-bike choice for the rider who wants to do it all. THE NEW NC750X: BETTER THAN EVER Specialization may be fine for something be able to to do do it all. it all. Case Case in point: point: The 2021 The Honda 202 appreciate both both versatility and virtuosity and virtuosity in their model some big big improvements. More More power. pow A la and a lower seat seat height. height. Plus some Plus some huge technolo huge riding modes, new new instruments, a new a frame, new upg fra heart, the the twin-cylinder engine engine produces produces a broad And you can choose from from two transmissions: two a co Honda’s revolutionary automatic automatic DCT. Either DCT. way Eith one-bike choice for for the rider the rider who wants who to wants do it a Randburg: 011 795-4122