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Dirt & Trail APRIL 22

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Motorcycles For Africa

Motorcycles For Africa (ex-Selwyn Lurners Workshop) – setting the record straight Sometimes we get our facts a little bit mixed. In last months issue we ran an article on Motorcycles For Africa, which originally started out as Selwyn Lurners Workshop with Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda franchises. We mentioned that it was started in 1984 by Selwyn and his father - which is incorrect, the shop was actually started by Selwyn with his wife Ruth and Uncle Sam joined the team a little bit later down the line. We also mentioned that Selwyn retired, again incorrect, Selwyn moved to the coast for the benefit of his health but was still actively involved in the day to day running of the shop through the wanders of technology, he was able to work remotely with Ruth and Warren right up until his untimely passing in January of this year. Leatts 4.5 enduro Pants and Leatts 6.5 chest guard When Kyle told me that we were ordering Leatts new 4.5 enduro pants, as usual we put up a fight. Budgets, money, old pants are fine - etc... But his reply was quite convincing: I’m sick of hearing you bitch about why they don’t fit pockets to riding gear - Leatt has done it for you now get a set. OK. makes sense I guess. Glad we did ‘coz, well the pants have pockets, so now it’s easy to pop a cell phone and small bits and bobs in there with easy access. And it’s all sealed via a zip that is designed for gloved fingers so that’s cool too. And an added bonus, all the girls say that it makes your bum look really lekker. It’s a great cut and fit with nice venting zips on your thighs, strong fabric comfy and practical. Silicone on the waist means that the pants don’t hike and the waist clips look sturdy and are easy to do up and undo. They come complete with a small utility pocket out back too, so that’s cool.Very impressed. We also invested in Leatts 6.5 chest guard - and its nothing like we expected. As a rider who is prone to falling of sometimes, the chiropractor suggested that a proper sturdy unit was in order. Chatting to the Leatt guys, they said that this is their top of the line. Hey Mr Leatt is a Doc, who are we to debate it all? Initially, the guard looks bulky and thanks to the built in memory foam in all impact zones, it feels heavier than the cheaper plastic units out there. We were concerned about it being too bulky and maybe, well uncomfortable. Surprise! and it’s like riding a big bike - pop it on, the weight goes away and to be quite honest, you don’t even know you are wearing it after a bit. It has no zips, just sturdy clips. A full spine protector and built in kidney belt should do the job... Hopefully, no crashing for a bit, but we do like. And if our lot look fat in the photo’s its not the rider, its the chesty. It’s true I tell Ya! For more info or your nearest dealer go to

EVS’s TP199 Knee guards Tired of knee guards chafing? We also shopped a bit and invested in EVS’s TP199 Knee guards... Rather than hard plastic, Mr Pastrana suggested a sock-like setup with memory gel to absorb the impacts. We’ll try them through the rides this month and give you our thoughts in the next issue. Based off the ever popular TP199 Knee Pads, the TP199 Lite Knee Pads feature a shorter overall profile making it ideal for MX, BMX and MTB usage. The moulded bio-foam upper offers increased impact protection, while the circular comfort gel donut on the inner knee helps limit migration and the fully breathable mesh backing helps with temperature control. They also have some great features like cut and abrasion knee cup design utilizing Reactive Memory Foam technology, Moulded bio-foam upper for increased impact protection, Circular comfort gel donut on inner knee helps migration while riding, Fully breathable mesh backing to help with temperature control, Low profile, shorter design fits with moto boots. At dealers nationwide. EVS Flex Lite Elbow Guard Protection so light, flexible, and comfortable you won’t know you’re wearing it. RMF Reactive Memory Foam is soft and pliable but stiffens on impact to provide impact protection in accordance with CE EN 14120. Air Mesh Perforated fabric allows air to flow unimpeded while still providing protection and a compression like fit. Trac Grip Sticky silicone grippers are strategically placed in key positions to help hold the guards in place and limit migration. Compression sleeve design features Trac-Grip technology on upper and lower cuff to limit migration. CE 14120 Level protection. Sold in pairs. Sizes: S/M and L/XL EVS Hex Pro Knee Guard Heavy-duty protection in a lightweight package. The Hex Pro Knee Guard features their new Hex Pad impact technology, providing CE EN 1621-1 level protection to direct knee impacts and extending impact protection zones to the sides of the knee and upper shin. Hexprene Engineered fabric provides zonal support and maximum airflow, while still providing protection. Trac Grip Tacky silicone grippers are strategically placed in key areas to help hold the knee pad in place and limit uncomfortable migration. U-Lock Anti-Slip their new U-Lock ring surrounds the upper interior of the Hex Pro impact pad and locks it in place during impact to limit migration and further protect your knee. Hex Pro their new Hex Pro impact technology provides superior impact protection in a compact, light-weight insert. Abrasion resistant air mesh covering provides longevity and maximum comfort. Hex impact insert features fully breathable CE 1621-1 level protection. Moulded bio-foam knee condyle and shin protection for increased impact protection. Single thigh compression strap and Trac Grip keep the padlocked in place. Sold in pairs. Sizes: S/M, L/XL, and XXL