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1603 final

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Ho good suspension. You

Ho good suspension. You get the idea? Build quality seems ok, there are some visual wires on the underside of the tank but most dirt bikes suffer from this. The bike comes equipped with a Dellorto carb. You have to put some weight in the kicking but it fires up fine. No electric start. A very nice surprise is that the bike is really quiet. So the kudu’s wont head for the hills when you get going… Ergonomically the bike will fit most riders. It’s nice and low – which shorter riders will really enjoy. Our kyle is 1.75 metres tall and he fitted just fine – the ratio from pegs, to seat to bars is well thought out – a very relaxed riding position. Even taller riders are super comfy. The seat is not super comfy – you can tell that the bike is designed for standup riding. At just over 92 KG’s, if things get too difficult, you can pop the bike under your arm and carry on along your way. The power is what impresses the most – it has a 5 speed box, but we reckon that 5th is not really necessary – you’ll only use that on the few link roads that you might encounter whilst looking for technical terrain. To be completely honest – ours was one rocky ride – no gravel roads to speak of. Hoiking it around in the rocks is really good fun – but you have to put the effort in – much like a trials bike. You need lots of body input, but once those mitas tyres find traction, hold on tight because you are going up! We rode lots of shale and when you open in second, she gets on top and goes for it. Huge fun to ride – you find yourself looking for more tricky sections to ride… Guys as a practice bike for the roof or for just a plaything to improve your general riding skills, this thing is very impressive. Here’s what JP, the owner of the bike had to say: Honest opinion for technical riding which is what I do with her. Best climbing bike I have ever owned. Light and easy to manoeuvre . Plenty of torque when required at extremely low revs. I went up “drop off” climb opposite Roma at The Roof last year and compared it with Co 58 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT Sherco X ride.indd 58 2016/02/21 11:51 AM

HotCams End Wld April ’11 3/14/11 10:07 AM Page PivotWorks 1 End Wld April ’11 3/14/11 9:54 AM Page 1 SUSPENSION KITS AVAILABLE FOR ALL ADVENTURE BIKES Composite Composite 1603 DT Sherco X ride.indd 59 2016/02/21 11:51 AM