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1603 final

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56 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT Sherco X ride.indd 56 2016/02/21 11:51 AM

DIRTBIKE STREET LEGAL The Sherco X-Ride It’s not very often that we get to test something as lekker as this little bike. Our lot had proper fun... new technology is great. We first saw the bike in the skin at the toycom dealership a few months ago, but no demo models were available - and there were only 2 in the country. we bugged these poor guys to death for a ride - and eventually when one of the bikes found a South African Home, the owner allowed us to take it for a little spin on his custom Trials koppie. This bike belongs to a gent by the name of JP, who lives in the bustling metropolis of Bela Bela - which used to be Warmbaths before that name became politically incorrect. 3 kays out of town, you hit a gravel road and you end up his beautiful smallholding. He has a real private riders paradise, a cool koppie and a beautiful little dam - both scattered with liberal quantities of rocks. Whats an X-Ride? Well – it’s basically a trials bike with a seat. Or a fat takkie mountain bike with an engine and DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 57 1603 DT Sherco X ride.indd 57 2016/02/21 11:51 AM