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1603 final

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an 8ply configuration

an 8ply configuration for the serious off road riders who want a tough tyre that will withstand serious abuse and hard riding. DT: We know that speed on the Dakar is a factor, but it seems as though the guys who pace themselves seem to do quite well? BB: A fast bike will help win stages which it did. The slower consistent bikes also tend to finish well when the unreliable bikes break. That’s the challenge of the Dakar. Endurance vs speed for man and machine in all categories. DT: We have to ask - whats it like taking on those monster trucks? must be pretty nerve wracking: BB: Fortunately one never passed me. I managed to over-take one at the end of stage 10 which was the coolest feeling in the world. I had to overtake it to win the stage it was right at the end of stage 10 and the Patronelli’s were in sight. DT: Any advice to people who would like to give this epic adventure a shot? BB: Contact You need international rally experience and a good budget from sponsors. DT: There is all sorts of speculation that the race might make a return to Africa, your opinion, is it viable? BB: There were over 4.6 million spectators at the race in South America. We will never get this in Africa. DT: Ten top important items to take to Dakar. BB: Bum Cream, a good bike with a compass odometer and roadbook and 40L Fuel, lip ice, a good mechanic, a spare wheel, enough petty cash, DT: 5 thing that you don’t need. BB: A camper van with a shower and a toilet, umbrella girls, Aircon and a washing machine, but they are all nice to have! DT: last one - is the Dakar a team effort or more and individual achievement? BB: A team effort. 90% of the race is preparation. 10% is racing. Our mechanics Philipie Baard, Mike Cafro (USA Baja Racing), Aziz Wookey (Crescent Bikes) and Frank Stein made it all happen. Not to mention team mates George Twigge and Ted Barbier. I couldn’t have raced without them... 54 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT Baragwanath.indd 54 2016/02/21 11:51 AM

1603 DT Baragwanath.indd 55 2016/02/21 11:51 AM