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1603 final

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DT: 2nd time lucky? BB:

DT: 2nd time lucky? BB: It was great to actually finish on the podium. It wasn’t necessarily lucky though we still had a lot of challenges that nearly threw us out of the race. DT: We know you had a bit of drama – misplacing your passport and being penalized, tyre issues etc, do you reckon that without them you could have taken the win? BB: Yes. Punctures were the biggest let down on stage 4 (41 min), stage 12 (25min), stage 7 (15 min), Passport issue (38 min). So we could have won by 20 min. None the less it was great to get a podium and compete at the top. DT: Any chance you’ll do it again next year, or in the future? BB: Yes, If we can sign off some final sponsors we will be there in 2017. BB: Yes it was easier in some aspects. Less dunes and off-Pist Navigation. Although a lot of guys crashed too, so it was difficult to keep the bikes in one piece. DT: Can you run through some of the modifications to your Rappy - engine wise. BB: At BB Motorsport we gas flow the heads, change the cam, change engine management, fit stronger con rods, dynotune, change the intake and exhaust. DT: last year, racing on an untested tyre caused your undoing... this year you had an almost faultless run in that department... BB: No we still had a lot of tyre issues. The difference was the team stuck together and helped each other with spares. (Brian had serious issues with tyres in the 2014 Dakar which took him out the race in the early stage. Brian finished stage 3 with a 12 ply tyre designed by SA’s Bruce de Kok from Batt Racing.The tyre is designed for slower, more technical terrain and although the tyre vibrated extensively - which Bruce admits is going to happen with a 12ply as it is essentially a solid side wall with no roll capability during the last stage it did get him home and secured his place on the podium) The same Dakar tyre is available at Batt in DT: Would you stick with quads or move to cars, bikes, whatever? BB: I would like to win it on the quads first. Next dream would be in a car! DT: People like Laia Sanz say that this years event was less challenging than last year. Would you agree? Do you feel that it was a good call to cut the stages here and there? 52 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT Baragwanath.indd 52 2016/02/21 11:50 AM Batt

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