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1603 final

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Rider comfort is pretty

Rider comfort is pretty subjective, but a single cylinder bike’s vibrations can be tiring on longer trips, so look for a twin if you’re into long journeys. Carrying a passenger slows bikes of less than 1000cc significantly, so you and the missus should avoid smaller bikes, unless you’re of matchingly modest dimensions. Nowadays relatively few of us have the sort of mechanical proficiency that was commonplace thirty years ago. Blame the demise of the apprentice system and Technicon’s for that, but from a biking perspective the availability of a maintenance plan might be worth factoring into your choice of bike. Failing that you can learn how to do your own spannering, which will be really useful if you encounter problems out on a ride. It’s also worth finding a really good bike workshop as some jobs can only be tackled with the specialised equipment that they’ll have. Once you’ve made your choice take it for a long ride as soon as possible. That way you’ll have recourse against the seller for anything that goes wrong, as consumer protection legislation allows you up to six months to have genuine defects fixed by the seller. Problems caused by wear and tear, such as a snapped chain or clutch cable are not covered, but something like a gear jumping out, or faulty fuel gauge could be. Most bikes will need to be customised to their new owner’s requirements, so try to budget for that too. Hooligan machine deluxe... for long distance touring you’ll have to look far to beat the GS Adventure. The Wild Dog adventure riding forum’s ‘Pooratech’ thread is an excellent source of money saving D.I.Y. ideas here, so check it out on Another very interesting forum that I have found is Hang onto original petrol tanks, footpegs and handlebars though, because you will find it easier to sell your bike if it comes with these. Don’t forget to do some rider training courses before tackling rough or sandy roads, as the knowledge gained can help you set up your bikes so that it works even better for you, or maybe even decide to upgrade to a better one. Ride Safely and Enjoy Yourself. PATRICK MOORE Power excitement and touring prowess, the KTM1290. The Triumph 1200 Explorer - great distance tourer... The do anything go anywhere super comfortable Super ten. The new Africa Twin. 48 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT how to choose adventure.indd 48 2016/02/21 11:50 AM

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