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1603 final

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Sen bet Na De ope bea

Sen bet Na De ope bea out on relatively light bikes, then moving up as training and experience improves their abilities. Affordability: As with most major purchases, affordability will always influence adventure bike choice strongly. The good news here is that good used bikes can be had from around R35 000, from private sellers. Buying second hand has its risks, so be prepared to take your time over finding the right bike and avoid old or exotic bikes, for which spares might not be available. Insist on a test ride and always view during daylight hours, when factors such as sprocket wear and damage repairs will be clearly visible. Be prepared to pay someone experienced to evaluate a bike for you and walk away if you don’t get straightforward answers to questions, or if your instincts tell you to. Never buy a bike that you haven’t actually seen and ridden, or had someone truly trustworthy do so for you. Beware of internet advertised bargains – if they look too good to be true they definitely are and you’ll be poorer for going after them. Features worth paying more for are an ABS braking system that works effectively on dirt surfaces, at least 200mm of suspension travel front and rear, a petrol tank capacity of more than fifteen litres, crash bars and a good sump guard, luggage systems and a really comfortable, after market seat. Heated grips and spotlights are nice to haves, but an effective toolkit is essential. After market silencers can reduce bike mass significantly, but avoid excessively loud examples that can cause noise fatigue and annoy people. Wide, serrated foot pegs are also must haves, so offer less than the asking price for bikes without them, as you’ll need to buy and fit them anyway. The same applies to heavy duty tubes and rim locks, if you’re heading for the dirt. Being able to buy a new bike is satisfying, but don’t be tempted to add non-essential accessories. Their weight will downgrade its ridability – especially when you’ve dropped it in deep sand or onto wet clay and have to pick it up yourself….. One of the worlds best selling adventure machines - physically large. The tiger 800 XCX one of the smoothest middleweights around. Its More than an adventure its a lifestyle SPECIAL R164 500 2015 TRIUMPH TIGER 1200 EXPLORER includes hand gaurds heated grips switch mounts side pannier boxes side pannier brackets exchange rate hasnt effected these prices 1603 DT how to choose adventure.indd 46 2016/02/21 11:50 AM

make your way over for a FREE TEST DRIVE TODAY. *terms and conditions apply SK250 SK150 * Terms and conditions: Test Drives by appointment only. Test Drives are only available at the Head Office ( 32 Hulbert Str, New Centre, Johannesburg ). A valid motorcycle licence or motorcycle learners permit is required to participate in test drives. For Further information please contact 011 493 6001 or go to Senke Motorcycles was concieved by a collaboration between Poland's Romet and China's Hashan Guoji Nanlian Motorcycle Industry. With the latest in European Design, conceptualised by Romet and an engine developed by both companies. The Senke X6 is Powerfully beautifull in its design and performance. EEC Approved. MOTORCYCLES 32 Hulbert Str New Centre Johannesburg 011 493 6001 1603 DT how to choose adventure.indd 47 2016/02/21 11:50 AM