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1603 final

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Two up travel is comfy,

Two up travel is comfy, with the passenger quietly ensconsed in a bubble of calm. Get going and the engine comes into its own; clearly meant for the road, the mill revs to 10,000 and, although torque is plentiful, only really gets interesting above 3,500 rpm. But then it comes alive – a 137 bhp buzz-saw of a motor that rewards enthusiastic riding with rapid blasts of acceleration and an exhaust note that has enough of an edge to be interesting even with the stock pipe. It’s really addictive. And it’s fast too – ask us – the last time we used one, we went right across Lesotho and came home with a great collection of speeding finds. It is so smooth that sometimes you don’t realise how fast you are traveling. Coming in to Bela Bela from the freeway, we hit the whole two streets of Rush hour traffic and found that even in town the Big Triumph is easy to ride. It is large, but it’s also very maneuverable. The Ride By Wire throttle is a little bit on the snappy side, but you soon get used to proper control. The last time that we took the explorer Off-Road was on the aforementioned Lesotho trip – so in the spirit of the fact that we are a dirtbike magazine, we asked our Kyle Lawrenson to show off just a little bit. We do need to stress, however, that a big bike like this is perfectly suited to long distance travel by road – or forays onto the network of great gravel roads all over SA. Playing silly buggers like this is best left to the guys who think that they can do it! 400 quick kays reminded us why this is such a great bike. Smooth, comfortable, powerful, a great choice for anyone who wants to go – as the name says – Exploring. The new model is due in SA pretty soon – we’ll keep you posted… This used one is available at Fourways Kawasaki (011) 465-1540 40 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT Explorer 1200.indd 40 2016/02/21 11:49 AM

K15150 The ride. Like you, we live for it. Relishing the last one. Anticipating the next. And that’s how it’s always been. Along the way, we’ve created icons, shattered landspeed records and won legendary races. Today, we’re as committed as ever. To delivering the perfect balance of power, handling and style. To creating modern-day icons with our obsession for the perfect ride. To giving everything we have to give. And always looking for more. TRIUMPH. FOR THE RIDE. Tiger Explorer XC R164 500 Tiger Explorer R164 500 INCLUDES: Heated grips, panniers & hand guards. Tiger 800 XCx + Low R159 500 Tiger 800 XRx + Low From R129 500 Tiger Sport R139 500 INCLUDES: Topbox & heated grips. 1603 DT Explorer 1200.indd 41 2016/02/21 11:49 AM