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1603 final

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38 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT Explorer 1200.indd 38 2016/02/21 11:49 AM

QUICK SPIN the Triumph 1200 Explorer When we went to review the Sherco elsewhere in this here publication, we were looking for a ride to take us out to Bela Bela and back. We had not ridden the 1200 Explorer in a good long while and a call to Fourways Kawasaki procured a slightly used model for our use. A very pleasant couple of hours was spent in the saddle. There is nothing exciting about the long freeway out to Bela Bela. That is, of course - unless you do it on a great big bore machine like this one. TheTriumphs triple cylinder engine is quite probably the smoothest thing on the planet - and the bike is designed for eating up vast distances. Significantly more powerful than the 800 Tiger, the tranverse triple is equipped with ride-by-wire, shaft-drive, traction and cruise control. Wide handlebars suggest a dirtbikey coolness, and the ride height, while high enough to engender a feeling of superiority over other road users, has a lowish actual seat height (837mm/32.9in – 857mm/33.7in adjustable). Even young Zen who is quite short had no qualms riding such a big, intimidating British piece of iron. The overall view from the seat is excellent – you can see over most cars significantly improving visibility. The narrow tank also helps here. In a word, the design flatters the rider the moment he gets aboard. DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 3 9 1603 DT Explorer 1200.indd 39 2016/02/21 11:49 AM