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1603 final

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off the floor in tip top

off the floor in tip top shape. In fact many sales people and dealer principals don’t actually know themselves how the bikes should be set up. His big 500 ran like a clock. But there is more. Why did we select such a cross section of bikes? That’s easy. Any dealer or salesman worth his salt will first find out what the client wants before just selling your customer a bike… “After all, it should be quite obvious that a 110kg rider shouldn’t buy a 200cc dirt bike for his own use, and at the other extreme a 60kg newcomer to the sport is not going to be happy on a fire breathing 500 in his first race”, says Riaan. “When a customer comes into our shop looking for a new bike I offer him a cup of coffee and chat to him before talking bikes. I try to find out his background and experience and what he intends to use his new bike for before offering any advice. If possible I take him for a demo ride to see if what he tells me about his riding experience and skill is correct, and help him chose the right bike. Sometimes I have to be a bit of a psychologist and find a way to dissuade someone from making a choice which is obviously not suitable. In the motorcycle game - ego is a huge factor when it comes to choosing a new bike.” Something interesting also happened on the ride. Each of us chose our favourite bike – and they were all different. Not everyone enjoys wringing the neck of a modern 250, but others found the 500 to be a bit too much. Once we hit the trail, our thoughts on the preparation of the bikes we were riding took more concrete shape. You could feel that the 500 and the 350 had been correctly set-up. The new Yamaha and the RMX450 Suzuki are trapped in OK mode where their full potential hasn’t been unlocked because they are set up just as they were unpacked, and not tailored for their regular riders. With modern bikes and their myriad of adjustments, advice from your bench racing buddy just isn’t good enough. Each bike is virtually hand built and is very complex and technical. A modern over the counter dirt bike from any of the mainstream manufacturers has so many adjustments they make your head spin. Therefore it’s important to get an expert to sort it out for your requirements. 24 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT multi dirtbikes.indd 24 2016/02/21 11:48 AM

1603 DT multi dirtbikes.indd 25 2016/02/21 11:48 AM