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1603 final

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dealers and dilemmas

dealers and dilemmas Story by Clive Strugnell, pics by Glenn and Kyle Is there any better way to spend a late Highveld Summer afternoon than on a selection of current four-stroke dirt bikes ranging from a 250cc Yammie right up to the mighty KTM 500? Of course not. What started as an impromptu trail ride and a discussion about the merits of big bore vs small bore, turned into quite an interesting story. How lucky are we to be able to call this work and head off to Rhino Park with the Yamaha and the Suzuki trailing behind, and to be meeting up with the Trax KTM man, Riaan who brought along the four-stroke 500cc big banger? To add a little zing, blond bombshell racer/model/nice person Dayna Nienaber joined us with her 350 four stroke KTM. To top off our day, Lourens Mahoney said he might drop by for a bit of socializing and saddle-time on another special order only 300 KTM. The stage was set for an afternoon of great trail riding (not extreme rocks) and charging around on some of the best modern dirt-bikes on the planet, after which we would tell you what fun we had and all about the bikes. Something very interesting happened. The more we spoke, the more we came to realize the importance of a good motorcycle dealer – or sales person. A guy like Riaan knows his product intimately, and he also knows how they should be prepared to perform exactly as the factory designed them. The bike from his dealership, Trax KTM in Silverlakes Pretoria, was really well set up and performed exactly as they should. Now this may seem just common sense, but in real life it’s not. So many dealers just don’t know their product well enough to make sure every bike is sent 22 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT multi dirtbikes.indd 22 2016/02/21 11:48 AM

DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 23 1603 DT multi dirtbikes.indd 23 2016/02/21 11:48 AM