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KTM: 2016

KTM: 2016 KTM 300XC/250XC: KTM considers the XC line to be its race-oriented off-road bikes. So the 250XC is basically an electric-start 250SX motocross bike, although the engine tuning and suspension settings are more off-road oriented. The XCs also get 18-inch wheels, kickstands and a wide-ratio, five-speed gearbox, but no headlight. There is no 300cc motocross bike in the line, so the 300XC is KTM’s most powerful two-stroke. When KTM puts a “W” suffix on any of its models, it means the bike is trail-oriented and not quite as hard-edged as the racing models. So the 300XC-W and 250XC-W have softer suspension and more linear power delivery than the XC versions. They use no-link PDS rear suspension. The 250SX: This is the only full-size motocross bike in KTM’s line that didn’t get a complete make-over for 2016. It remains the most powerful 250 motocross bike on the market, with the possible exception of its near twin, the Husqvarna TC250. The KTM got updates in suspension, a new top triple clamp with rubber-mounted bars, lighter wheels and Galfer brake rotors for 2016. The 200XCW: The 200 is a legend on wheels. Back in 1998 it pointed the way for the current generation of KTM motorcycles with the company’s first versions of PDS no-link suspension and hydraulic clutches. The motor still has a universally loved power delivery, but since the early days it received an electric starter. This year it gets rubber-mounted bars along with other detail changes. The Freeride250R: This bike was a bold move from KTM last year and has already earned a cult following. The 250cc two-stroke is a cross between a trail bike and a trials bike. It takes its suspension and smooth, torquey power delivery from the trials world, and its electric starter, seat height and fuel range from the trail world. The frame is bolted together and the fuel cap is under a flip-up seat. 18 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT 2strokes.indd 18 2016/02/21 11:46 AM

The 150SX - In a very surprising move, KTM completely redesigned its 125 two-stroke for 2016, reaffirming its belief in the two-stroke concept. The bike is lighter and it has, without doubt, the most compact 125cc motocross motor on the market. Some things are the same; it still uses a Keihin carburetor, a six-speed gearbox, a hydraulic clutch, WP suspension and Brembo brakes. The 150 (actually 144cc) has a larger bore and a longer stroke. The KTM 85SX - The KTM 85SX has some features that are still rare on big bikes, like a hydraulic clutch. The suspension is fully adjustable and the bars are made of oversize aluminium. If you look at the results from any amateur youth race, it’s pretty much wall-to-wall KTMs in the 85 class. They are fast, light and well suspended. They also cost about 25% more than Japanese 85’s. The KTM 65SX - KTM has the 65 class covered and that isn’t likely to change. The 65SX has WP PDS rear suspension with 270mm of wheel travel and a WP fork with 215mm of stroke. This year there are small updates like a new chain guide. TM RACING: TM Racing EN300: This is probably the most exotic production motorcycle in the world. TM is a small Italian company that makes motorcycles one by one. The EN300 has a beautiful hand-welded aluminium frame that houses a 300cc five-speed two-stroke engine. The fork is a KYB, and the shock is made in-house at TM. There’s a motocross version available that has more aggressive power and suspension. TM Racing EN250: Like the TM 300, the 250 is rare and exotic. This is the only Euro off-road bike that comes with an aluminium frame. The motor uses an electronic powervalve similar to the configuration used on the Honda CR250R two-stroke. The MX version comes without lights or kickstand, and with a 19” rear wheel. The MX engine is in a different state of tune and the suspension is valved differently. KTM 50SX - Kids today don’t have to walk to school in the snow and ride motorcycles made of rusty barbed wire like their dads did. They have the KTM 50SX with disc brakes, aluminum bars and automatic clutches. The 2016 model gets all-new bodywork. The 50SX Mini is for younger kids and has 10-inch wheels. There will probably be a premium SXS version added to the line, as well. Racing MX144 - The TM 125 and 144 are built on similar engine platforms, but the 144 is larger in both bore and stroke. Just like the bigger bikes, they have aluminum frames, CNC’ed tripleclamps and billet parts everywhere. The fork is KYB, the shock is TM and the brakes are Nissin. The 2015 model is pictured and will be similar to the 2016 version, but there are differences in frame geometry and suspension. Racing MX85: This is more than one model; TM makes a family of exotic small competition bikes. All have aluminum frames and electronic power valves, making them the most sophisticated bikes in the mini class. The standard model has a 14-17” wheel combo, and there’s also a big-wheel version. You can get either one with a 100cc motor . Finally, there’s an adult-sized 85 in the 125 chassis. DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 19 1603 DT 2strokes.indd 19 2016/02/21 11:46 AM