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1603 final

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HUSQVARNA: 2016 Husqvarna TE300 & TE250: Husqvarna’s two-stroke, electric start off-road bike is made mostly from KTM parts, but the end result has its own identity. It uses linkage rear suspension and a unified airbox/subframe. Husqvarna also has its own body work. For 2016, there are a number of changes including a smaller front axle. The 250 and 300 are identical aside from displacement. Husqvarna TC125: This is the first all-new two-stroke dirt bike of any kind in years. The motor is still a case-reed six-speed with a conventional carburettor, but it’s completely new and it’s mounted in a completely new chassis. The bike is claimed to be 5 pounds lighter and 5% more powerful than the one it replaces. Overall, it’s similar to the new KTM 125, but with its own suspension specs. Husqvarna TE125: It’s hard to understand just how effective a 125cc two-stroke is off-road, and the Husky is nearly alone in that class. It didn’t get the new motor found in the motocross version, but it has suspension upgrades, a smaller front axle and 22mm fork offset for 2016. The TC 85: Of all the bikes in the Husqvarna line, the TC85 has the most in common with its KTM counterpart, the 85SX. That’s good, because the KTM dominates in the 85 class. For 2016, the six-speed TC85 returns with very few changes, most of which are cosmetic. It has a six-speed transmission, a Formula hydraulic clutch and adjustable WP suspension. 14 DIRT & TRAIL MAGAZINE MARCH 2016 1603 DT 2strokes.indd 14 2016/02/21 11:46 AM Husq THE FULL PACKAGE FULL RANGE OF 2016 ENDURO & MX 2-STROKE ENDURO 4-STROKE ENDURO 2-STROKE MOTOCROSS 4-STROKE MOTOCROSS DUAL SPORT SUPERMOTO BUILT TO GO AS FAR AS YOU DARE TO TAKE 701 SUPERMOTO FS 450 THE 2016 2-STROKE ENDURO MODEL RANGE. AVAILABLE NOW FROM YOUR NEAREST OFFICIAL DEALER The joy of the ride is often in finding routes that nobody else has used – reaching destinations that few others would dare to aim for. The 2016 Husqvarna Motorcycles 2-stroke enduro bikes rely on exceptional agility, a broad powerband and light weight – letting you easily explore wherever you choose to go. MPUMALANGA - Vans Husqvarna, Middleburg – (013) 282 0766 Husqvarna 1603 DT 2strokes.indd Nov15.indd Mar16 DT.indd 151 1 2015/10/23 2016/02/21 2016/02/19 11:43 11:46 9:12 PM AM